Monday, October 27, 2014

Our Saviors Return Draws Closer...Draw Close To Him.....deno.......share freely.

         Acts 8:32-33) The place of the scripture which he (the Enoch) was reading was this, "He was led as a sheep to the slaughter (To be sacrificed) and like a Lamb silent before his shearer, so Jesus opened not his mouth. 33) In His humiliation (Christ being mocked and whipped and crucified) his judgement was taken away; AND WHO SHALL DECLARE HIS GENERATION (The things Christ did in His lifetime on earth)? For his life was taken from the earth (He died and rose again and ascended from the earth back unto the Father)."Today over 2000 years later we are still declaring HIS GENERATION (The life and works and resurrection of Christ)... 
        Christ and His return from the heavens in great glory and power is getting closer and closer. The closer that day gets the more panic and crazy things will get on the earth. Hell will be severely stirred up as the day of their torment they see at the door. The bible tells us the reason. For Satan knows he has only a short time left until he, the author, inventor, and father of all lies, deceit, deceptions, false religions, false prophets, false hope and change, corruptions, murder, rape, envy, theft, rage, self exalting pride is put in those chains and into the wrath of God that is against him. 
       This pressure on Lucifer mentioned above, the world will feel more and more at an increase level manifested in its physical realm. It is very possible we on earth are feeling some of those waves now with all this strange disassembling of our and the worlds traditional traditions and strengths and by these past decades subtle foreign cultural invasions into Europe and America that promote evil in the name of good and darkness in the name of light, both in the name of the wicked religion of peace in our lands here and abroad backed by terror and threats of resisting them.. 
      Satan is sly and so crafty, and he sure knows how to deceive people in the name of peace and kindness, as if those words can hide the evil his false religion does all over the globe, that is now more and more plain for all to see. His own false religion crowds are lining and crowding every nation for a blood bath unless the powers that be WAKE UP. 
       Jesus warned us. In the last days, He said things will become so bad and so life threatening, that had those days not been shortened NO FLESH would have been left standing. Things are now unfolding toward the fulfillment of THOSE WORDS with after burners on. So now more than ever before cleave all our hearts to Jesus Chris the risen Son of God with unwavering faith, hope, and love....Amen....deno...share freely.