Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Dimensions of Gods Eternal Spirit......deno......share freely.

      How can I explain this. The God of the Creation is not in measure or stature 5"11 and 165 pounds, 2 feet wide and about a foot thick from back to front and that's it. The physical body that He cleaved Himself to and wove His Eternal Spirit into and unto was about those measurements give or take a few, but in Spirit the whole Creation moves and lives and has its being full of and totally surrounded by Gods Eternal Spirits Spiritual dimensions, reach, Presence, and measurements. The real length and the real breadth and the real height and depths of Gods Eternal Spirit is BEYOND MEASURE and our Calculations. 
      Christ physical body was in-housed and connected to by the Eternal Spirit to be as the faucet so to speak for the outpouring of the precious blood and Spirit of God upon us and into usward who believe and belong to Christ having our confidence in his redeeming blood, in his reconciling death, and in his justifying resurrection. For even though Christ is bodily right now seated in the throne of God at the right hand of the Father, His Eternal Spirits reach extends all the way from the Throne of God to the earth into the hearts of men and reaches even beyond all space and time lengths beyond the beginning of the Creation of the Universe. 
       How can one measure the size of no beginning of days neither ending of days. Always has been and ever shall be. Always everywhere, in every place all at the same time. That is big beyond our natural minds physical fathoming. There is no place or time in all eternity and in all creation where Christ is not. He is ever there, always has been there and ever shall be there. Where ever there is in light, Christ fills it up to overflowing with His Presence, with His Eternal Spirit. Now that my friend is HUGE beyond infinite scales.....deno.....share freely..