Saturday, May 30, 2015

For the Pulling Down of Strongholds. Setting the record straight.....deno.....share freely.

       Just because I know what is going to happen if my child walks over to the camp fire and puts her hand in the fire does not make me an evil bad dad for fore knowing that fact if she goes up to the fire disobeying me and puts her hand into the fire burning her hand. That foreknowledge I have of that choices consequence does not make me evil because I knew before hand of the dangers. It just means I have knowing, knowledge, wisdom, insight. I would be evil if I did not warn my child of fires dangers and that it must be handled wisely and with care.
       Well you may say. Well if you were really a real good dad you would never have made or created fire to start with for then the child could never have been burned. That my friends is ridiculous thinking but so many talk about God that same way as if He were evil. Fire has its life giving position and place in creation. The Sun for instance (Hello)...That's like saying God should not have made any water because people could drown in it, forgetting the fact that water is essential for life to even be and to be sustained. You just have to handle water wisely and with care.
        God told Adam and Eve don't do that. Don't go there. If you do you will suffer death and loss. Satan came up to them and lied to them about God and he is the evil one who caused man to make the decision to disobey Gods love warnings and by Satan Adam made the wrong choice and brought death, pain, sorrow and curse into our world. He himself in that decision even caused the shedding of the blood the Gods Son. Satan and man caused all that.
        Had Adam resisted the devil as Jesus did, Jesus would have never tasted the cross. And Jesus certainly was not going to the cross because he was bored and was looking for some kind of excitement. His tears and recoiling from the cross in the garden pleading for that cup to be taken from him reveals this truth plainly.
       Folks the real revelation that came to us by Jesus Christ is that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. That God is love and the He loves us even as He loves Jesus (John 17:23). And that God is a good God with the purest eyes and lovely and beautiful in all the beauty of holiness. That He loves and cares for us all deeply. The cross and the tears of His Son Jesus Christ proves this emphatically.
       Love by its own nature is going to get rid of all those that love darkness more than light. It is going to rid the creation of all liars, deceivers, manipulators, murderers, mean and brutal people, and all those that love the pleasure of sin as to go about tempting others to sin and sin and to sin and who refuse to repent of sin...You would do the same thing if these came to harm and take down your children. Today people are so hard in their hearts that they are mad with sin cravings, They love their sins. Promote their sins and they have no desire to do what is right and they say in their hearts that they could care less what God or anyone else says about it. These Love must imprison for peace to become perfect again for all  eternity....deno.