Sunday, May 31, 2015

THE CHURCH'S RIGHTS, POWER & AUTHORITY.....Revelations Continued......deno......share freely.

........THE CHURCH'S RIGHTS......THE CHURCH'S POWER....THE CHURCH'S AUTHORITY......The Lord Is Answering......Lord Open Our Eyes.
      As the sons and daughters of God in Christ. As the flesh and bone body of Christ. When we call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon the name of the One we belong to and we call upon the name of the One that God has made us a part of for all eternity. God has glorified us in Christ with Christ.
       God himself making us Christ Body, God Himself making us Christ flesh and bone CONNECTS us to sharing the glory of Christ and CONNECTS us to all Jesus is, to all His Name, to all His life, to all His rights, to all His privileges, to all His riches, to all His wisdom, to all His authority, to all His power, to all His High Calling and to all His far above all exaltation, to all His Father to Son relationship with God the Father, and to all His honors, to all His everything that He has and shall be blessed with now and thru-out all eternity....If we suffer for Him we shall be glorified WITH HIM.
      And being that we are Christ flesh and bone, such gives us great belonging and incredible rights, INCREDIBLE FREEDOM & BLESSING RIGHTS.
      Church it is time for us TO WAKE UP and to stop being bullied by the enemies of our faith and by the enemies of the Cross of Christ. Stop letting the world and the devil deceive us and push us around and cast us out as though we are nothing or nobodies of no power or might or authority, as though we belong to No One Special, as though we are not a part of the Master Himself. We are the flesh and bone of the Master Himself for crying out loud (Hello). All power and all authority has been given unto THE MASTER both in heaven and in earth and being that we are His Body, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all, then THAT ALL POWER AND ALL AUTHORITY BELONGS TO US THE BODY OF CHRIST (the CHURCH)......GOD IS WAITING ON US TO WAKE UP AND USE THE POWER AND THE AUTHORITY GIVEN THE BODY OF CHRIST ON EARTH IN JESUS NAME IN THIS NATION AND POUR THIS ALL POWER AND ALL AUTHORITY SALT ON OUR NATION to stop the enemy and the serpents and the scorpions who are making havoc of our children, and misery in our streets, schools, cities and nation. We should be using the Name of Jesus Christ with this knowing of who we are and who we are a part of, we are a part of the MASTER HIMSELF being we are Christ flesh and bone body on earth. 
       Being we are Christ flesh and Christ bone bearing HIS FAR ABOVE ALL NAME, POWER and AUTHORITY we (THE CHURCH should now UNITE AS ONE) and we should be the ones pushing the enemy around and casting him out, not the other way around.
       Let us rise up in the name of Jesus REALIZING who we belong to. Realizing who we are a part of and in this high place of high exaltation and honor that God has honored us with let us CAST SATAN OUT in Jesus Name and bind he and his works.
       Body of Christ Members, it is time to make our demands in the spirit. It is time to exercise our rights, our power, and our authority given is In Christ Jesus as His flesh and bone body. It is time to take back up the power and authority that God has given us all in Christ saying to us, whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatsoever you set free on earth shall be set free in heaven THE KEYS ARE YOUR TO DO THIS....For to long we have laid the power down and Satan has been been spreading his venom everywhere in our children and nation.
      We should be using the Name of Jesus Christ in prayer for it is the greatest spiritual heavenly weapon of all, and as kings of authority in heavenly places for it is in those heavenly places where the enemy roams and executes, plants and grows his crops of evil in people and in our nation for there seen manifestations as we see now manifested in our society.
       We should use the Name of Jesus Christ like a soldier uses his weapon. Where ever we see the devil or anything or any work of the devil WE FIRE AT those evil spirits and their evil works with and in the name of Jesus Christ.
.......Church let us obey God for in obedience comes confidence and let us Plant this Church, plant this, plant this, plant these seeds every where. Water them with faith, prayer and thanksgiving to God and watch God start His move to heal the land and to recover us from all the snares of the devil that we have allowed in our sitting back and not being engaged in the spiritual warfare as we should have been. Folks we are the flesh and bone of THE MASTER..We have the Highest and Greatest Power and Authority that exist both in heaven and on earth in the Spirit to be used in the Spirit to rise up from that domain into our natural world and society........Jesus Is Lord.....deno....share freely.