Saturday, May 30, 2015

Following Gods "Go" Plan......deno.....share freely.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

       Some times God just wants us to go or to do something without us knowing or understanding how He is going to work things out or what is about to happen. I believe when God tells us to go, He has got the whole entire trip already mapped out and all things covered in the Go plan and all of it is filled with His grace for every need and for each and every adventure. Abraham found this out thru his walk of faith into the promises of God.
        Most of the time we want to know before we go. But God does not get much pleasure out of that. He loves it when men and women calling upon His Name, who believe and belong to Jesus hear His voice and Know that the Lord told them to go and they do so questioning nothing, for like Phillip, they heard the voice of the Lord and they knew for a surety that the Lord told them to GO.
       But faith is not always blind faith anymore. We have the scriptures. We have the faith history and adventures of those who ran the race before us. We have the promises of God to read, to hear, and to mix our faith and hope with energizing us with their sureties, and with their grace and faith stories inspiring us with their much assurance along our own NOW GO paths that Jesus has called us to walk.
       As I have studied the scriptures of those who ran the faith race before us, one thing I noticed and can be clearly seen. None left their homes, lands, houses, families, friends, communities, traditions WITHOUT FIRST REALLY CLEARLY HEARING FROM GOD TO GO. Study this for yourself. They all first heard from God. They heard His voice. The call was real. It was clear to them that they were ordained and called by God to GO. Then after being made by God and fully assured they were the one or the ones called by His Name to Go, then the obedience of their faith KICKED IN GEAR and they went forth.
      If you go having not heard from the Lord to go, you may not be in His will for you. In the bible some who Jesus healed said Lord I will go with you and follow you to the ends of the earth. Jesus replied. No, your desire to GO is not what I want for you. For you I want you to stay local and tell your family, friends and community what great compassion the Lord had upon you. His GO was a local GO. But even that local GO he FIRST HEARD TO DO IT FROM JESUS.
      Lets follow the Lords plan and desire for us and not our own. Even though we may have a strong desire to GO with Jesus to the ends of the earth like some did in the bible after they tasted the goodness of God it was not their want that Jesus permitted. It was HIS GO for them that was allowed and ordained. So be sure the Lord has said Come and Go with Me to this or to that before you go....Seek God in submissive mode..He is Lord....He is the Boss........deno.