Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spiritual Warfare...This Is How It Is Done.......deno.....share freely.


.......In Jesus Name....Spirit of darkness, the spirit of AntiChrist, and of evil in America we bind you with chains of defeat and we curse you and paralyze you like Jesus our Lord did the fig tree when he withered it and rendered it fruitless, and we curse your works with constant major set backs and constant major decrease in our hearts, minds, souls and bodies and in our lives, in our homes, schools, streets, nation, and society un-endingly....And we claim the souls, the minds, the spirits and the faith of the people inside and of the United States of America for fresh possession of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Abounding Grace, and Gospel Good News and the love of God and holy honor between men.
......In Jesus Name...Evil spirits of the Aleister Crowley spirit, words, and books we bind you to chains of defeat and to nullification. We command your works in America paralyzed, dissolved, and destroyed, uprooted, and cast out in America and out of the American people past, present, and future, and we break the power of your influences and positions and we cast you out of all you possess and control, and we abolish those demonic spirits works and workmanship in the people, places, and things in the United States past, present, and future.
.......In Jesus Name...we command the evil spirits and the works and workmanship of the evils of witchcraft, sorcery, of antiChrist, and of bewitching spirits to be paralyzed and chained by the angels to chains of defeat and for their schemes and works of the past, present, and the future undone, overcome, and abolished and done away with and cast out of Americas people, places and things....
.......In Jesus Name...we command, stop and bind the increase and we stop and bind the multiplying of wicked spirits and their work and workmanship that is inside Americas people, places, and things and on the outside of Americas people, places, and things. We command all wicked spirits to be uprooted and upended from their high and low places, from their inside and outside locations and cast out and that they and their works and workmanship in Americas people, places, and things past, present, and future be abolished, uprooted, upended, and cast out of our Americas people, places, and things..
........In Jesus Name....We paralyze and destroy the doctrines of demons and of deceiving religious spirits and their persuasions and influences in the church and in the people, places, and things in America..We command in Jesus name for the devil and his evil spirits to shut up, to be more and more ever increasingly constantly chained up and muzzled and silent, and to lose all their schemes, works, crops and fruits of the heavenly and physical kind, and to lose all their gained ground and territory in the people, places, and things in America and of Americas past, present and future, and around the world.
....... IN THE NAME OF JESUS....Doing this in faith and in authority without faith compromise is sowing in the spirit world wherein it grows by God and increases in Kingdom of God glory and power to be seen eventually in our natural world as these words grow, increase, multiply, overcome, takeover, bind and chain and cast out, and become flesh and physical and are realized amongst us.....See Mark 4:26-32.....It is as simple as the sower soweth the Word, or a King giving his decree backed by His far above all power and throne of authority. Jesus the King of kings said with a purpose, ALL POWER AND ALL AUTHORITY HAS BEEN GIVEN UNTO ME BOTH IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH....In My Name Rule and Reign in the spirit, and from the SPIRIT, and give the devil no place. I give you this power. I give you this authority and commission and empower you MY CHURCH to do it in My Name. Satan can only take what the Church allows and gives him by their compromise or by their being asleep letting him break in, overtake, and steal.