Friday, May 29, 2015

Signs of the True New Covenant Prophets.....deno.....share freely.

    True prophets are empowered by God to say Behold, YOUR THE MAN, if sin is at the door. But that is not where new covenant prophets stop, for inside the heart of the true new covenant prophets is the Love of God in Christ.  Paul said, Christ love compels him. Then after preaching to us to repent and turn from our sins they become Intercessors to stand in the gap to ask God to have mercy, forgive, save, heal, restore, reconcile, and to cleanse. Even to hold back judgement's as they remind God of all the purposes of the blood of His Sons Cross so making peace.
      The true prophets do not just point the finger at our sins and leave us there embarrassed, feeling helpless and hopeless, feeling shameful, guilty and condemned. For true shepherds of the TRUE SHEPHERD--care for the sheep--to save and not to destroy.
      Satan is the one that comes railing against us like a hungry roaring lion who day and night accuses us before God with constant fault finding finger pointing to make us feel hopeless with shame upon shame, guilt upon guilt, condemnation upon condemnation until our faith and hope and joy is withered and all dried up like a dried up river bed. Then we walk with our heads down and our faith and hope shattered as he keeps roaring our sins at us as in our minds rumbles the echoes of his constant accusations.
      Jesus came not to condemn, not to destroy but to forgive, heal, save, restore, intercede, reconcile. rescue, redeem and to ransom. It is not the well and the perfect that need Jesus but the sick and the sinners. Jesus ever lives now the scriptures says, to pray for and to make intercessions for his people. Why? We need Him SO MUCH.....deno.