Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Bowl of Immanuels Blood......Immanuel, Christ The Lord Died Not In Vain. .....deno......share freely.

      You go to a building of splendor. It's walls are made of mixtures of the most beautiful design and marble. It's fences of diamonds and it's gates of pearls whose colors seem alive and moving. You see a sign that says, If you desire to enter Come then over here. You walk over to the sign and standing tall before you is a huge huge beautiful door, the most beautiful door your eyes have ever laid sight upon. As  your facing the door, you notice to your left are the stone tablets with the carved ten commandments on them representing you, your own deeds and your own works. To your right on the right side of the door you see a brazen bowl, gold looking. You go and look to see what is in the bowl. You see what looks like deep crimson red blood. You notice an engraving etched on the rim of the bowl in your own language. It says Immanuels Cup. The Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord. This bowl represents solely the work of God only without the mix of any good deed of men, only God.
       As you are staring at the bowl and at those 2 stone tablets of the ten commandments,  you hear the sound of the beating of the wind. A mighty winged Angel you see flying towards you. He lands with golden keys in his hands. He says, these keys open all the doors of the kingdom of God. Only one key opens this main entrance and the angel places that key in that door.     He continues to speak. He says, of these two items on each side of this door, of these two items so esteemed by men on the earth, only one will turn the main key so that this door opens to let you in. Which of these two items do you choose and put your trust in to open the door so that you may enter in? The ten commandments etched in these tablets of stone or the Blood of Immanuel your God, Maker, & Redeemer that lives and speaks? Well it's a no brainer. You choose the Blood of Immanuel Jesus Christ the Lord and the door opens. So why do people steal preach other wise? Christ our Maker and our Redeemer died not in vain. The Precious Blood of Christ. Romans 5:1) Therefore being justified by faith (in Christ blood, death, and resurrection) we have Peace with God thru our Lord Jesus Christ.....deno....share freely.