Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Lord is My Shepherd...A New Psalm by deno.....make it yours

      The Lord is my Shepherd, no need to fear.
He gave His all for my salvation and glorious freedom and provisions. He reached me with His love. He sought me and found me and planted me in His pleasant garden, in the heavenly soil of His endless life in His everlasting covenant of peace with God. He joined me into Himself from His advent from the Cross to the Throne. I sit with Him in His great rest.
       The Lord thru the power of His right Hand delivered me from all my enemies schemes and works that they organized and formed against me. The Lord preached to me His Sermon, that He loves us even as He loves Himself and that we are His flesh and His Bodily members and that these words are for real. Amen.
        So I say of the Lord, You are my light, my life and so great salvation. You are my Joy. You are my sweetness and the peace of my heart and life. In You we are greatly loved. Being Your flesh and bone makes us highly blessed, highly honored and favored forevermore. Amen....deno.....please share freely