Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jesus Our Access To The Four In One Victory Combination. Us in THEM and They in us. Make the connection....

      The Cross of Christ is our access to the removal and destruction of all our transgression and to all of sins authority over us. It frees us from the Law of sin and death. 
      The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is our access unto Life Everlasting where death has no dominion over us ever again. 
      The Ascension of Jesus Christ is our access unto the Throne of God and His Power so that we can find His grace to help us in all our circumstances, in all our situations, and in all our times of need.
       The Sitting down of Jesus at the Fathers right hand in His awing Glory and Throne is mission accomplished and is our access unto His endless rest in the covenant of His perfect peace with God that endures forever.
        The Cross, The Resurrection, The Ascension, The Sitting down of Jesus at the Fathers side in the Throne of endless peace between God and His Son (whose flesh and bone we be (Hello), was all done, even every bit of it, was wrought for our benefit and blessings now and forever. None of this did Jesus do for Himself. He laid down His Life for us, for our needs, not His. He rose from the dead for us, and He ascended back up to the Throne and Sat down with the Father, all for us. Each one of these are incredible redemption benefits contain marvelous blessings bestowed on us all who are in Christ Jesus.....deno....please share freely