Friday, June 28, 2013

They Picked the Fight, Not Us. Jesus Will finish it in His timing...UPDATED....deno


     It is more and more evident that Jesus Christ, Christian America, and American Christians are under an uncompromising attack from the power and the influences of the humanist and the atheist of this generation and others who oppose and despise Christianity and Jesus Christ. It is clearly evident that these multi-faced onslaughts are generated with a dark passion and a purpose and they are backed by the powers and the professors of our Universities for the confusing of and de-faithing of this Nation and of this generation. It is also clearly evident that these attacks and withstandings have been and are so orchestrated and planned out, that the launchers have set their face towards evil and on a one world order and that they will be damned before they let present Americas legislation go Christ or the Christians way as before in Americas glory days of abundant prosperity, freedoms and independence. 
      They are set to even break Americas financial back (HELLO) of the people if they (We The People) do not willfully yield to their global unification. Well such would not be so bad if (We The People) had not read or known the book of Revelations. The Anti Christ will be, for a short period of time, the worlds President. He sells them delusions  and dreams, hope and change, but like all deceivers he does not deliver. They all together end up in the lake of endless sorrows. Revelations 19:19-21.....2 Thessalonians 2:1-17.......

      Christian America we have a fight on our hands. A war of beliefs and of political agendas. This is no time for our spiritual swords and spiritual weapons to be in dulled condition. We must be at our sharpest and in our most skillful condition for the spiritual warfare of these present days. Listen very carefully. This war is so evident and so glaringly real that the players in the battle against us in our own nation, are set to go contrary to us in legislative form that even though it is evident to all that the majority vote and majority will of this nations people want the legislation and laws to go one way, or the bible  way, they will right in your face unconstitutionally go around the will of the majority of the people by the delusional vote of the supreme court who are also now players in the big game of this nations traditions take down. 
     By using the few votes of the Supreme Courts of this land, they have found a way around the vote and will of the MAJORITY of the people in the land of the United States of America and by this they have kidnapped the power of the nation. This is political robbery of the democratic vote of the republic and of the majority. This is how enemies of the Constitution steal the power from the  majority in the land. It is an inside job and weapon to take the power of the majority (Silence them) and put the power of the nation in the hands of the few (Magnifying them-even foreign influence). 
     They could not take it from us legally because of the power of the MAJORITY RULE so in their zeal and lust for power and change that they wanted to come to Americas morality and political traditions they deceived the nation exalting the power of the Interpreters of the laws (The Supreme Court) who are appointed by the presidents and by the will of his crowds desires over the power of Congress and of the Senate who are voted in by the vote of the majority of the people and are THEIR representatives ORDAINED to represent the majority will in their Constitutional votes uncompromisingly. 
     Believe it or not, doing it this way (USING THE SUPREME COURT AS THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE) is even unconstitutional, but dumb down America does not see it. This is modern dictatorship where a few voices speak and rule over  all the nation. If all our judges were Muslims and they exercised the power that the thieves have given to the Supreme Court over the masses of America, can you imagine the course of America then? Where would their voice take us?And you wonder why and become more and more frustrated seeing this and knowing the course of this nation is not going the way or the will of it's MAJORITY or traditional path but according to the will of the minority and other outside influences of power as in foreign wills and NATIONS. People who have no real fear of God are now appointed Judges.. This is how America has become a BOUGHT NATION sold by betrayers and criminals of the American Constitution and it's majority rule of power.
      But this one thing I know for sure and no thief can rob us believers of this blessed hope. OUR JESUS SHALL HAVE THE LAST AND FINAL WORD. In that hour the rule of all the nations shall be upon His broad shoulders forever and all the earths and Americas crooks and crooked ones shall be made His and our Footstool......written by a simple man who loves his country.....deno