Saturday, June 29, 2013

And The Scriptures Cannot Be Broken....Jesus (John 10:35)

    Every word Jesus uttered through out the ages and when on earth was Truth. The Lord called these written words scriptures which means God breathed and God spoken and written by the finger of God in men. What is called scripture is so true that Jesus affirmed them as of God though written by His servants that He said "And the Scriptures cannot be broken". They can be misunderstood by people. They can be mis-used by people. They can even be lied about by people. Nonetheless God has set His whole entire Eternity and Throne of perfect integrity on the line that His Written Word, The Scriptures are so factual and true that they cannot be broken. If one jot or tittle of them ever were to fail, The Throne of God would come crashing down.
     His word is so true that when He demanded of its power and integrity a glorious Universe, from the power of His one spoken sentence, IT HAPPENED by the great power and glory of Gods Unfailing word.
    When He  commanded of His Word mans redemption, the unfailing, always pleasing God Word went forth and became flesh and dwelt amongst us and the world beheld The Words unbreakable Glory in bright living truth, unfailing integrity, light, power, miracles of healings, signs and wonders and they also testified to the glory of Gods word saying, "No one ever had Words and Wisdom like this man."
     Then to top it all off in the glory of its unfailing power in the fact that the scriptures CANNOT BE BROKEN....The Word Bled, The Word Tasted Death by the Cross and Then The Word was manifested fully to be The Son of God thru the Power and Glory of His  Resurrection.
     Friends Gods Word which is His Son Living and Speaking we all can believe, trust, lean on, rely on, depend on, walk in, work with, follow, and rest in forevermore doubt free of its Truth for all eternity. The fact that men believe it or not cannot change or nullify the fact that the scriptures cannot lie or fail. His word is so true and so powerful that God has entrusted the upholding of all His creation and His unblemished integrity unto the power and glory of His spoken and written Word.
    Just as evil men of unbelief attacked Gods Word concerning the resurrection of His Son and formed all kinds of deceiveable stories to counter the witness of the disciples, of Christ resurrection (See 1John 1:1-3), even so that same anti Christ spirit lurks around today in our streets, towns, cities and Universities seeking from whose hearts and minds can they devour the truth out of using all kinds of earthly signs and lying wonders and theories. It's the same old story but Jesus despite all the odds against Him, and despite all the resistance, and despite all the will of men and of the powers of darkness to do away with the Son of God, Gods unbreakable scriptures and integrity glory prevailed again in what was to man impossible and Gods Words and Scriptures raised His Son from the dead......Truly Truly Christ is Risen Indeed. The attachment of ones heart of faith to this truth is justification unto salvation. Be Believing....deno....please share freely.