Sunday, June 30, 2013

The War Between our New Spirit and our Same Ol Flesh......deno

And Paul said, I serve God with my spirit....Romans 1:7-9)

     Friends spiritual things and physical things, though they have similarities as one patterned after the other, with the spiritual things being the parent force, though they have their similarities yet in nature they can be kingdoms apart.
    Think about this with me. God is a Spirit right ? Jesus said He was. Well so is the devil- a spirit. God is the parent force. Satan is a created spirit that eventually thru a tantrum in heaven in evil pride and jealousy and he got eternally spanked for it. Jesus said I beheld Satan fall from heaven like lightning.
    Both of these beings are spirit beings but in nature they are 100 % OPPOSITES (Important point there. Hang on to it). One is light, the other is darkness. One is a Holy Spirit. The other is an evil, wicked, unclean spirit. One is love, the other is hate and envy and strife. One always tells the truth and it is impossible for Him to lie. The other is a liar and he is the father of all lies, deceit and deceptions, so saith the Scriptures.
     Did you know that a Christians spirit is what we contact and walk in God with. It is our spirit that we serve God with. Paul said I serve God with my spirit in the gospel. The flesh mainly is supposed to just hang around for the ride and stay out of the way. But oh how the flesh prefers to get in the way of our kingdom business rather than to just be hanging around on a cross. 
      I don't know about you, but I have noticed that though my inward man, that is my spirit is a new creature in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:16-17), this sinful flesh of mine is not a new creature yet. It is just what Paul called it SINFUL FLESH. It is a world of iniquity trying to suppress and oppose the flaming desire that is residing in my heart that wants to love and serve God every day.
       The apostle Paul touched on the reality of this conflict of interest going on even in his own life, ministry and calling. This dual, this raging battle between the two opposite natures was going on in his own being and walk with God daily. He wrote in Romans 7:14-25) Read all when you can. Verse 22( For I delight in the Law (And in God) after the INWARD MAN. verse 23) But I cant help but see and notice another law warring AGAINST the law (THE DESIRE) of my mind (inward man) and BRINGING ME INTO CAPTIVITY to the LAW OF SIN that I see in my bodies sinful cravings.
      That  amazes me. That even in the giant APOSTLE PAUL who served God in my eyes far above us all, even in Him he struggled with the sinful flesh of his humanity. He in the Spirit saw the Lord often. He in the Spirit heard the Lords Voice and obeyed. He in the Spirit continuously received Visions and Revelations from the Lord, yet day unto day with all that Grace Glory of Gods Spirit manifested in Him and in his HIGH CALLING, his sinful flesh challenged him and opposed the good will of his spirit daily with carnal appetites of sinful cravings trying daily to get Paul to turn down a forbidden road. This was so true that He penned that EVERYDAY he died. That every day he had to control his bodies opposing desires and bring them under lest he be a cast away.(See 1 Corinthians 9:27)
       We all struggle with the flesh. Even as Christians my friends it is correct to write and to say that in us, that is in our present flesh itself dwells no goodness, no holiness, no good thing. All the good stuff if I may put it that way is in our spirit that is a NEW CREATURE in Christ Jesus. So don't beat yourself down at your awareness of the sinful desires that still roam in your present mortal body called in the bible the SINFUL FLESH. The present flesh is what it is. Let us learn like the Apostle Paul to control it and put it under. 
     For some of us it may be like breaking down a wild Stallion or a stubborn mule lol. But both have been broken and eventually tamed by men, right ? So what does that teach and tell us? There is hope for us all. Keep on keeping On. 
      The Lord our Merciful High Priest who is easily touched  with the feelings of our weaknesses knows the mind of the spirit verses the will of the flesh. He knows when the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Thank God Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves. He will help us. He will strengthen us. He is involved in all the affairs of those who Call Upon His Name....Be Believing....More on this subject later.....deno....please share freely.