Friday, June 28, 2013

My Intercession for Paula Deen and for those she offended...please join me.....deno

Heavenly Father I come before You right now on behalf of Paula Deen. Father you are a great God. Your greatness exceeds all calculable measures of men and so does the greatness of your love and compassion. You are the God that heals the broken hearted, sets at liberty those that life has bruised, and you are the God that forgives , restores the soul and the lives of people, even their Names and heritage. Oh God have mercy. Paula is under the weight of judgements and condemnation of people for her words that offended and its trying to destroy and crush her soul. Father all of us have done our share of wrongs and we all have sinned and made every kind of mistake imaginable. I know I have. None of us have a right to throw a stone of grievance or cast even a shadow of ill will upon another. Even those who have sent her aflight for her mistake and tongue slip and have separated her from their crowds, they are not without sin or wrong or mistake. None of us are perfect as to run another over with harshness of bitterness, meaness and the malice of evil. Father in Jesus Name what needs to be forgiven in Paula and all parties involved be forgiven. What needs to be healed be healed and all goodness and favor restored by love that hides and forgives the multitudes of sin and wrong. I ask you to pour upon Paula Americas restoring love and grace and cause her heart and soul to have joy again and great rejoicing. Let us all learn from this together as Americans the lesson all of us should learn from this forgivable mistake. God please on all parties involved in all of this let not hate or unforgiveness rule or continue to dominate. This is a time in America where love must be the light between all Americans for only love can heal, mend, restore and reunite the hearts of everyone in this nation once again and restore unto us the blessing and beauty of God upon America and the blessing of hearts united as one. Father I pour this prayer into the beauty and the gory of Your great love and grace. In Jesus Name. Amen.....deno