Saturday, November 30, 2013

May We Forever Be Thankful For America.......deno

Imagine a world where no one gives thanks.
Where coldness of heart is the way of the non grateful.
Where life is considered a blah and a result of a mindless blob.
Where there is no certainty nor absolutes, but all is considered but natural and normal as is.
Where all rules are made up according to the worlds deceitful lust.
Where men call themselves the god of their own lives and no other but self.
Where nothing is considered Holy. Where holy is not even a word in the vocabulary of men.
Where love is smitten and replaced with lust and greed is the light of every path for in their minds you only live once and nothing exist for the soul beyond the grave.
Imagine a Constitution where God is not included. 

Imagine a people who mingle without restraint for all goes in the land of the cold in heart. Nothing is sacred for we are but evolved animals formed from the waters that rained upon the rocks in non purposed days of the past. 
Imagine America without God and without Christmas or the day of Thanksgiving. 
Folks we have so much, I mean really, SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR. For the America that we have had to love and enjoy for hundreds of years now. May we always be grateful for all those who sacrificed so much to give us this free land and free way of life and to maintain the Constitution of the Free. And let us always give thanks to our God whose Name is Holy and Wonderful, Almighty and True. The good and faithful Shepherd........deno