Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We Must Ask, It Is The Law.....deno

     God knows your needs before you ask him but He still commands us to ASK HIM. In this we see God mainly moves thru our prayers, not our needs. Everyone has the need of salvation but that salvation is not received automatically, if that were so the whole world would be saved and none would perish. You must ask him. You must call upon Jesus to save you. He then will.
      If our needs were all automatically met just because we have the need, if that were true, then there would be no poverty, no lack, no sick in the world. All the gigantic loads of good that God is trying to give and bless you and the world with (Note this), sin, Satan and a lack of ASKING IN FAITH has been blocking us and the world from receiving.......God wants everyone saved, right? Yes that is right. But unless they call upon His Son, God, even the mighty God's will is not accomplished in them and for them though though they have that greatest of needs. So since the biggest issues of life like salvation are not automatically received except we ask believing, so it is on the basic needs of life....Yes, Jesus said, the Father knows you have these needs before you ask Him....But he did preach that to receive we must ASK...Prayer life check. Check your ASKING......deno