Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Inside National Security Threat To Our Constitution....Evolution.....deno.....please share freely

      To believe that man is nothing more than evolved bacteria and slushy funghi ghooo that shaped itself into a single cell thru zillions of trial runs and then thru billions of years and thru zillions and zillions more trial runs, that first single cell shaped itself into every plant life form and into every bug, fly, butterfly, spider, bird, turtles, all fish and all reptiles and every animal form and all these things different internal parts for things mindless matter formed to live and have life and reproduce, and then after figuring out all those internal and external zillions of differences cause, from the monkey squad, man to evolve and come forth is more dangerous to the National Security of Our Constitution than all other out side armies and forces. 
      America, this very threat to the National Security of our Constitution is being poured into your children in all our schools and Universities constantly. This very brain washing, mind altering lie and theory kicks God out, the bible out, Americas Constitution out, righteousness out, absolutes out, moral laws out, equality out, and leaves before this nation the DO WHAT THOU WILT SPIRIT of the lawless one and do it without fear of a God or eternal consequence from the judgement no matter how weird, violent, or perverted the act....And you wonder what has happened to the Nation that the world once looked up to as the righteous moral people of the world, a christian nation. 
      Now the very thing that caused Sodom and Gomorrah to be judged by God, wiped off the map, and it's people destroyed, Americas political forces on the take promote the same weapon for our mass destruction from God and from within. They promote the gay life style from the schools, to the porn world, to the White House and our once God fearing Supreme Courts dishonor our Christian Laws and the Great Law Giver to appease what the bible calls the deceitful lust of men of unnatural affections, who have no faith and who are, even to God, most wicked and most unreasonable. Romans 1:24-32.