Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lookin Up.....deno.....pleaase share freely

      Have you ever noticed the fact that personal and national troubles seem to always cause people to look up and go back to church....There will be so much trouble in the last days that even Jesus confirmed this fact. He said when you see all these troubles coming upon the earth, LOOK UP for your deliverance draws nigh.     
      In the times of need and in the times of troubles LOOK UP. Look up the promises of God and stand upon them when the winds of trials and troubles blow against your house and life. The promises of God are also  part of the POWER OF GOD unto those who believe them. When we stand in bible faith on the promises of God we are standing on the HIGH GROUND OF God that God gave us in Christ to walk on ON EARTH. We are looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith when we do. Looking up unto Jesus causes the deliverance to draw nigh and be maniifested ....Amen......deno