Monday, January 27, 2014

How To Bring Down The Greatest Nation On Earth......deno....please share freely

    How to bring down the greatest nation on earth? Cut back on her military. Cause low moral in the 4 military branches. Send her weapons to other nations. Make her mostly dependent on foreign oil and money. Strip down her economic strength by burying her in debt and take down her factories and send her jobs to other nations. Take her tax revenue and give it to foreigners and to aid foreign nations. Create major government dependency on half its people. Send billions and billions and billions over seas to other nations and yet cut back on funding American jobs, government jobs. Cut military raises. Cut civil service emp. raises. Divide her citizens. Denounce patriotism. Burn the flag. Don't show respect to the national anthem. Do all you can do to divide the kingdom against itself, by all subtle means possible. Remove faith in God and promote unrighteousness....Sounds very familiar doesn't it?....The grass whithers and the earths most beautiful flowers fade away, but those who believe and obey Gods Word will live forever in His glory. Set your love and affections on things above, where Jesus sits at Gods right hand. Let us ALL remember this world shall pass away  including it's  present nations, but they that believe and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ shall God spare and glorify with Jesus.....deno
For money and silver a man betrayed the Son of God and turned him over to his enemies. Today for silver and gold and money, ELECTED MEN and business men who are lovers of money more than lovers of God and America are betraying  America and they have been handing us and our strengths over to our enemies. America please RETURN TO LOVING GOD AND  COUNTRY.