Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Blood Of God. It's Incomparable Power......deno.....please share freely

    Christ taught us that His blood was the blood of the New Covenant between God and Man.  His blood, the blood of the Son of God,was shed for many, for the remission of their sins and for their salvation from sin. As it is written...His Name shall be called Jesus for He shall save His people from their sins. It is also written, "that without the shedding of blood there is no removal or remission of sin". Therefore we can see in these scriptures that TO GOD BLOOD HAS TO BE SHED TO SAVE US FROM OUR SINS.  Knowing this God prepared for us His best and greatest sacrifice for our sins. A body God prepared for himself and it is written, "that by the sacrifice of Himself God put away sin."
     Can you imagine that with me? I mean just think about it. God became a man and by the Sacrifice of Himself he put away sin. No court of justice in their right mind on earth or in heaven could ever rightly argue against the power of the blood sacrifice of God. The blood of His own Cross is the power of God unto salvation. The only ones that do spit and wag their heads at the power of Gods own blood and of His own sacrifice are those whose hearts and minds eyes are blind to it's incredible awing saving  power. 
     The power God unleashed thru the blood of His own Cross is more powerful than all the energy and power God released when He created the Creation. We can trust and believe in the redeeming and saving power of the blood of our Makers own Cross.....It is written Have faith in God....We also write and say, Trust in and have faith in Gods Blood, the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ......
      Nothing of any of us on earth or in heaven can even compare to the saving grace and redeeming power that is the the Cross of Christ where God himself shed His own blood and tasted death by the way of the Cross to save His own people  from their sins......
       In redemption covenant wisdom, blood is far far more powerful and far far more redeeming than any good works of men...... The works of men on His altar compared to the blood of God on Gods altar are incomparable in power.....One is as blazing fire. The other is but stubble and straw......Thru all our good works that were are to do in Christ in obedience to His Lordship over us, let us keep our hearts trust, faith, and confidence in the power of the blood of God and His own blood and Cross.......deno.