Monday, January 27, 2014

WHOSOEVER WILL LET HIM COME........deno....please share freely

.....Friend I cannot put myself in peoples shoes like my dad who loved and lived so honorably and righteously in Christ love and pastored and  preached for over 50 years before going to glory. Nor am I worthy to unloose the sandals of our pastors and elders of the great assembly today. To me I'm amongst the least of all the saints for so many reasons. But I found out that even those of us that see themselves as one like I have been can read this word from the Lord, mix our hearts faith with it's loving, inviting words from God and even we, in the row of the chiefest of sinners can return to God and rejoice in it's richness of mercy. It is this one, Jesus said, Whosoever will let him come, yes let him come and drink from the Waters of life freely (meaning at NO CHARGE to them).  Sinner or saint you are a WHOSOEVER.  Rich or Poor you are a WHOSOEVER.
     Jesus paid the price for all to come unto the table of His Bread. He paid the full price for us to come and sit down with EVEN HIM in heavenly places of His grace and glory given to men in the Spirit to eat and drink the full course meals that His blood paid for all to eat and drink and enjoy IN FAITH, for whatsoever is not of faith is sin  (Romans 14:23). 
      So the word WHOSOEVER here that Jesus used in the invite means exactly that. Sinner or Saint, greatest or the least, the good or the bad, Christ has called all and invited all to the table of his bread of grace and truth THE GOSPEL OF GOD and their worthiness is Christ himself and the fact that God himself authored and gave to all this non partisan invite. He said WHOSOEVER will let him come and drink from the waters of life freely. 
     Others may gripe and grumble at this non partisan invite but that matters not. They may cry and throw fits in self righteousness that God lets this rain of His goodness and grace  to fall upon the good and the bad, but IT IS THE VERY WILL AND WORD OF THE LORD. They may be bitter and angry that Jesus sits at the table of even the chiefest of sinners in their eyes and sup with them and feed them himself His Bread and His Living Water, but let us all REMEMBER that He alone is God and the Judge of all  men. When the judge has set you free you are FREE INDEED. When the highest of all has said WHOSOEVER will let him come and drink from the Waters of Life freely, it matters not what the proud or the religious envious say or don't say. Come unto the Lord one and all for all He has called and invited to the tables of His grace of the abundantly pardoned....

Revelations 22:17) And the Spirit and the bride (The Church) in loves agreement)  say Come. And let him that hears say Come, And let him that is thirsty Come. And WHOSOEVER  will let them take the water of life freely.

Isaiah 55:6,7) Seek the Lord while He can be found, call upon Him while He is near. 7) Let the wicked forsake his wicked ways, and the unrighteousness man his evil thoughts, AND LET HIM RETURN UNTO THE LORD, and God will have great mercy upon him, and let us RETURN unto our God for He will ABUNDANTLY PARDON.....