Sunday, January 26, 2014

Abba, Father, Daddy.....deno....please share freely

It is a giant step in Christ that we make when we go from calling God, God, and every day calling Him DAD. Jesus every day called God, FATHER. The word he used here in English is the name Daddy. Like a little child calls his pop, DADDY. This closeness is every child's birthright In Christ. Romans 8:14-17. This Dad and child closeness we all have in Christ with the Father. We just need our eyes opened to it's great love. John 3:16 For God so loved us. John 17:23, Jesus said," that they all may learn that you love them EVEN AS YOU LOVE ME". This is what God want us to all learn, know, believe, and walk in it's light every day as we learn more of Him and to obey His will. We really are His children. He really is our daddy. Unless you think and become as a little child.. REMEMBER.....deno.