Thursday, January 23, 2014

....With Full Hearts....deno to America....please share freely

...with full hearts.....No matter what they think or say, I STILL BELIEVE...America, Romney was and is the right choice, but being deceived by the tongue of craft & deceit of one and of many on the take and inside the media truth twisting, spinning machine, you chose a lying wonder and now you are reaping the downward slope and your days are over laid with more deception, more deceit, more false fronts and altered numbers, more cover ups, with more darkness, more confusion, with more despair, and with a cloud of gloom....
     But  there still exist HOPE AMERICA. Here is the true reason why and we find it in the Word of Truth the Bible. Even though the disciples thought all hope was gone and the glory days now past by a depressing sight, by a staring empty cross and a full grave wherein their hope seemed buried forever, it was in that darkest hour Gods Glory and Good News came to light SAYING...... He whom All Things Are Possible By had great mercy, moved in front of His Sons tomb and commanded the hope of His people TO RISE AGAIN and He poured out His glory on the situation and upon His favored and raised His Son back to life from the dead and in doing so He raised back up and restored the joy, faith and hope of His people. 
       God and His glory poured out on America can raise her back up in righteousness, joy, peace, prosperity, and in POWER even beyond all her yesterdays. For with God all things are possible. All God needs is real bible faith on earth praying and believing that the Glory of God be poured out on our Nation....Words to think about  and to do. IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME..........deno to America with love for God and Country.....I weep sometimes for what should have and could have been and for what SHOULD BE but will the people hear the cry of a patriot?