Sunday, September 28, 2014

We Are Entering A Different Atmosphere In America......deno.....share freely.

    We are entering a different atmosphere in America and the world. Old battles are going to be fought again. Partly in the name of what we believe. But these battles were fought before, even centuries ago. One side is sinful and imperfect but believing in redeeming love, grace, and mercy that is in Christ Jesus the Son of God. The other side is sinful and imperfect but religious evil who humiliate their women, stone and murder those who disagree with their sword. But Jesus told them and us, throw away the stone. He said, he that is without sin amongst you let him cast the first stone to kill her. They were all convicted and dropped their stones. Those of the false religion have taken back up, not only the stones, but the axe and the knife to judge, condemn, and then murder the sinner, even behead them, though none of these are without sin. They are obeying Satan and not Jesus, but they are blind in knowing this. (John 16:1-4)(John 8:44-45).
      We should never take peace for granted in America and on earth. We must be on guard militarily now here at home as well as abroad because religious based enemies are the worse kind. Their armies are ALREADY HERE with fighting units stationed all over America hiding behind the fronts of  Mosque. Religious murderous wolves in sheep's clothing. 
      We have committed and tolerated so much sin and evil in America and our religious enemies see us as a polluted people that must be subdued, though they sin much the same, its just not as fancy and splendorous looking. We must admit that we have made beautiful, glamor looking diverse industries out of sins pleasures. Honest people know we have. We should confess this sin and ask forgiveness for ourselves and our nation. We should intercede for America, which love for God, Country and for one another will. But our religious enemies do not pray and intercede for us who are not of their faith. They are taught to despise all that do not agree with Mohammed and take them out by the most tortuous and brutal and evil manners. Its all in the Koran.
     But what people believe is one of the most sensitive buttons one can push. God in the man Christ Jesus our Lord was crucified as a man years ago because He and His words pushed those buttons. Those words are pushing buttons today....
      The true Spirit of the Lord and of the Throne of God will  never change and will not compromise the truth that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, the Messiah, and that no man of any nation shall come unto the Father except thru faith in Christ atoning blood, death, and resurrection. These words of truth above are the Sword that greatly divides people apart, spirits apart, and divides all of heaven and hell apart, how much also the world.   Demonic personalities transformed into Religious Appearing Deities would and they even write religious books in other names that contradict the redeeming glory and value of the blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God by whom God made the worlds and by whom He redeemed us thru the blood of his cross and resurrection. These religious opposing this truth evil forces are all part of the spirit of ANTICHRIST (1 John 2:18-23). Remember friends it was a very RELIGIOUS PEOPLE Satan used to oppose and to crucify the Lord of glory (John 8:44).....deno.....share freely.
I am a Romney Fan 2016.....deno