Monday, September 29, 2014

Intelligent Design Wit.......deno.......share freely.

     Scientist say of the picture on the left that this boot is obviously intelligent design. Why you can see that it is. It has laid out stripes of many colors. You can tell it is designed with a purpose. You know nature could not make such a instrument. Its not intelligent enough to arrange the fabric in such a precise, beautiful, colorful, comfortable manner and form it as a shoe for purpose. Then these same so called brains look at these beautifully designed butterflies and they REFUSE to admit or connect any intelligent design force to them. Nope they say, mindless energy and mindless time and mindless chance arranged all this. It was all a freak by chance happening, period. And these butterflies are living things of such high sophistication billions and billions of times more sophisticated to build and to construct than those man made, man designed boots......They do lie and they are lying to the world.....AND THEY KNOW IT.....As it is written in Romans that God has even revealed Himself alive to all men even by the things which He has made. He said it is so clear and so obvious that THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE (Romans 1:19:20).......deno.....share freely.