Monday, September 29, 2014

Gods Storm Stopping Power In Promises.......deno.......share freely.

     If my tears and my anxieties were the key to God fixing my problems and meeting my needs every time, then I would have it made by now and all my mountains would be gone, and all the rough place made smooth. But I have learned and found out this sobering truth. God does not always move according to peoples needs, nor does our tears move Him to automatic action. In His love and mercy He sometimes responds to these, but in tears there is no guarantee or full assurance that He will. If that were the truth then no one would be sick or lacking food no where in all the world. This is a sobering truth.
      Faith which works by love is what moves God. I mean God wills that everyone be saved for that is every ones need. Its even the whole worlds greatest need. But more go to hell than heaven so the need itself needed does not solve the problem. The need itself does not automatically meet the need just as our need of salvation does not automatically save us. The real truth of this matter is WE MUST BELIEVE SOMETHING. We must believe His Sons WORDS & GOSPEL MESSAGE. Then and only then is the needed connection made and your salvation need met. And so it is with all the lesser needs. This to is a sobering truth.
       In Hebrews 4:2 we read that only by mixing our FAITH with Gods words, only then do we profit or gain. When you mix one thing with something else, there is an entrance, there is a blending. In Christ Jesus when our hearts believe, the hidden man of our hearts reaches his spiritual hands on to the Word & Promise of God and lays holt on to Gods presence, gripping His power on earth that is packaged and in-housed inside Gods Words & SENT TO US PROMISES. And if his (the hidden man of our hearts-1 Peter 3:4) FAITH HANDS are the strong type that grips and cleaves to God thru the counter attacks, that is he does not let go of those Words & Promises until whatever he is believing  God for comes to pass, then those words and those promises COME TO PASS.  Jesus truly truly said they were. The four gospels and the book of Acts are full of people like you and I that really did this, really believed and really receive. They all made THE BOOK, the bible.
      This FAITH TRUTH ABOVE is where a whole lot of spiritual wrestling goes on. Satan and his helpers are constantly fighting against us trying to pull those Words and Promises that we are believing out of the hidden man of our hearts hands which is our hearts faith. These dark forces wrestle with us- in spiritual warfare- desiring we give up under their many deceiving tricks that they launch against us in the fight of faith. hoping we throw in the towel and faith faint.
      Jesus told us in the faith battle that it is those who ENDURE IN FAITH UNTO THE FINISH LINE, they are the ones that shall be saved and shall receive what they are believing for. So in the storm  Jesus says and ask us what he said and asked his disciples when they were together on the boat in a mighty opposing STORM that had rose up against them. In the midst of the storm Jesus says to us all, WHERE IS YOUR FAITH ? (Luke 8:22-25). 
      Lets note this. When Jesus mixed HIS FAITH with that raging storm that was huge and threatening, he showed us that proper FAITH MIXING can solve any problem and bring peace in the most threatening situations. Jesus rose up. He faced the storm as one having authority. He believed in his heart. Then he spoke with his mouth his faiths purpose and his faith went forth and entered into that storm and the MIXING BEGAN and his faith after being MIXED with that storm totally put the brakes on it and the storm ceased to be. Scroll down....
          Whatever our storm is we can take the promise of God that God spoke and filled with His Storm Stopping Authority and Power that covers our need or desire and fill our hearts with its spiritual substances and light, believe it is true for us in our hearts, and pray and speak in faith (as our Master & Teacher did) those words, letting the mixing of faith begin and put the brakes on our storms until the light of life, salvation, healing, the desire of our heart, and more abundant living dawns into our worlds reality... Read Mark 4:10-21, Mark 11:12-26....deno......share freely.