Saturday, September 27, 2014

In Christ Jesus I Am Identified & Blessed Confessions.....deno......share freely.

       Sons and daughters of the great and greatest I AM, we are. Therefore a son of the great and greatest I AM, i am.

Father In Jesus Name, thank you for bringing forth the life and the good fruit of all these prayer/professions in my life and in the life of all them that believe....Amen

        In Christ Jesus I am. I am saved. I am forgiven. I am washed in the blood of the Lamb. I am redeemed. I am sanctified and set apart unto God my Father. I am not of this world even as Jesus is not of this world (John 17:14-17). I am an heir of so great salvation, defense, shelter, protection, intercessions, and deliverance. I am an heir of God and of great inheritance as a joint heir with Christ. Jesus is my redemption and my translation fulness and completeness. I am complete in Christ Jesus. I am delivered from the power of darkness and i am translated into the kingdom of Gods dear Son. I am seated with Christ in heavenly places. I am enjoying redemption's sweet peace with God and glorious rest and consolations being seated with Christ at the right hand of God the Father in love. I am delivered from evil for to God is the kingdom, and the power, and the  glory forever and ever. I am an heir of eternal redemption and everlasting life. I am a joint heir with Jesus of all the Fathers good things in heaven and on earth. I am receiving more good things from God by Jesus Christ. I am comparing spiritual with spiritual. I am seeing thru the eyes of Christ and I am learning and knowing more thru the mind of Christ. I am being continuously refreshed, renewed, revived, and restored in my spirit, soul, and body by the Spirit and Mercy of the Lord renewed every morning. Christ Jesus is glorified in me and i am glorified and justified in Christ (Romans 8:15-17 & Romans 8:28-39). Thank you Father.
        In Christ Jesus I am. I am bought with a price, with the precious blood of Jesus, for Jesus died for our sins and rose again for our justification. I am born of God. I am abounding in grace and wisdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am born again in the spirit of the incorruptible, imperishable seed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank God I am born again. I am filled with the Holy Spirit. I am a student of the Holy Ghost studying & learning more at the feet of Jesus. I am loving God and Jesus Christ. I am loving. I am love filled. I am love of God rich. I am greatly loved. I am filled with Christ marvelous light. I am eating of the most delicious bread of heaven and I am drinking the Holy Ghost sweetest wine. I am much favored. I am richly blessed. I am one Spirit with the Lord and with His goodness. I am crucified with Christ and I am risen with Christ. I am made alive in the spirit unto God the Father. I am created in righteousness and true holiness in the hidden man of my heart, in the spirit. I am a world over comer. I am more than a conquer. I am seated with Christ in heavenly places. I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. I am in Gods love. I am in Gods presence.  I am in Gods Eye. I am filled with the joy of the Lord. I am free. I am in the Father and the Father is in me. Thank you God.
        In Christ Jesus I am....I am a king in a royal heavenly priesthood. I am led by the Holy Spirit into all truth. I am endued with power from on High. I am happy in the Lord and glad. I am amongst those and one of those whose names are written in the book of life. I am growing in grace and truth and I am increasing in the knowledge of God. Christ is my head and i am his flesh and bone, this means i have great belonging and even eternal great possessions of God our Fathers power, presence, and plenty. I am in Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus is in me. I am a branch and Jesus is my vine. I am strengthen with Gods might by His Spirit in my inner man. I am comprehending Gods love for me more abundantly.  Thank you Jesus.
      In Christ Jesus I am. I am filled with living, everlasting hope and much assurance from God. I am filled with loves high expectation and my hope does not disappoint me for the love of God has been shed richly in my heart and every day life by the Holy Ghost. I am encompassed about with servants and angels of the Lord Jesus all around. I am receiving revelations, dreams, and visions from the Lord.  I am growing in the grace and knowledge of The Lord. I am basking in Christ love, spiritual beauty, and marvelous light. I am living and walking in the light of life. I am drinking of the living waters of life freely. Thank you Holy Spirit.
      In Christ Jesus I am.....I am asking and I am more receiving. I am seeking and I am more finding. I am knocking on Gods door and those doors are open to me. I am having sweeter fellowship with Jesus and the Father in Spirit and in truth. I am enjoying life in Christ Jesus and I am enjoying God the Father and Jesus in my days and in my nights and in my life, living, and being. Thank you Father.
        In Christ Jesus I am. I am learning more. I am seeing more in the new covenant light and glory and better promises scriptures. I am hearing the voice of the good shepherd. I am understanding more what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.  I am bringing forth more good fruit of the grace of Christ in me. I am abounding in hope thru the power of the Holy Spirit. I am rich in faith, hope, and the love of God. I am prospering. I am a New Creation in Christ Jesus. I am continuously calling on the Name of the Lord. I am believing and i am loving. I am more patient and more kind. I am more peace filled and more humble in heart. I am receiving from the Lord good things. Thank you God.
       In Christ Jesus I am. I am sharing my faith in Jesus Christ with others. I am a vessel of Gods mercy unto honor proclaiming Christ Good News to others. I am co laboring with God and Jesus Christ in edifying saints, and blessing others in Jesus Name and in winning souls. I am more and more loving and adoring Jesus our King, Redeemer, and Maker and more submitting and more surrendering to His Lordship with the help of God. I am greatly helped. I am daily rejoicing in the Lord my Savior. In Christ Jesus I am all His and Jesus is all mine forever. I am one with God and God is one with me. We are walking as one in the fulness of Christ redeeming love and grace forevermore. We are Family. The Father, Sons and Daughters, and the Holy Ghost. I am not ashamed of this truth for it is founded upon Gods  greatest love and good pleasure. For Jesus taught us the love that this truth is founded upon saying, Father that they would come to realize and know that you love them EVEN AS YOU LOVE ME...(John17:9-10)(John 17:23)...Thank you Jesus.
       Father in Jesus Name Thank You. Thank you for all this AMAZING GRACE AND OUR WONDERFUL LIFE in Christ. Amen.

......and so much more we are in Christ but i think by now you see the good point. This is a good confession. Confessing with our mouths what we believe and what and who we are in Christ as revealed to us in the scriptures......

        Mark 11:23-24) Jesus said, Believe that those things YOU SAY will come to pass, then just like the prayer you believe with your heart when you pray, THOSE THINGS YOU SAY WILL COME TO PASS.

       Philemon 1:6) That the sharing and communication of your faith may become more effectual by your acknowledging (Confessing) every good thing that is in you IN CHRIST JESUS....This post is just a start to a great positive confession that your and my spirit will the more love and rejoice in as it hears us confess these truths and good things of grace more and more abundantly with thanksgiving....ALL PART OF THE RENEWING OF THE MIND.....deno....share freely.