Friday, September 25, 2015

Concerning the Heavenly Things Themselves....Light from Gods Spirit about our spirit in Christ Jesus RISEN WITH CHRIST.....deno.....share freely.

........Colossians  3:1-4)..If ye be RISEN with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. 2) Set your affections on things above, not on things of earth. 3) For you are dead, and YOUR LIFE IS HID WITH CHRIST IN GOD...4) Note this light that is coming. It reveals who really is our life. It confirms vs 3 that it surely is not us who is our life for Paul said in verse three that we are DEAD...ready? Vs 4) When CHRIST (Jesus) WHO IS OUR LIFE (HELLO, heavenly bells should be ringing here) shall appear, then shall we appear also with him in glory.
........What a revelating verse of scripture. Brothers and sisters in Christ, being RISEN WITH CHRIST is not just a theological thought here as some pine away at the scriptures, but is is a heavenly reality. Remember with me when the angels said of Jesus, He is not here. HE IS RISEN....Were those words just a theological thought? No, they were words of a great truth and reality. Christ Was Risen Indeed.
.........Even so are these words that Paul wrote about us being risen with Christ far beyond just being a theological thought express in words. His words in our text are heavenly words. His words are spirit and they are of the spirit and they are life.  His words here are of the born again spirit of the christians and not of their flesh. Paul was in the Spirit of Jesus, receiving from the Mind of Christ Spirit in him whereby he wrote these spiritual truths. A thing which some do even to this day.
........Paul saw into the spirit and understood spiritual things just as John who was in the Spirit on the Lords day in the book of Revelations, saw, heard and learned of heavenly things and of heavenly realities, so did Paul, such was his gift (Romans 1:9). He understood the heavenly things themselves being taught his wisdom and gospel from Jesus Christ himself. Paul learned and eventually knew the difference between our spirit, from our souls, from our flesh bodies (1 Thess 5:23-24). In Colossians 3:1-4 Paul is in the Spirit of the Mind of Christ in him and he is writing or speaking of the inner man, the hidden man of the heart, our spirit man. Paul is revealing what Jesus taught him that it is the spirit in man, mans spirit is the one that is RISEN WITH CHRIST, not the flesh and that RISEN WITH CHRIST man, OUR SPIRIT, IS A HEAVENLY  REALITY even as His bodies physical resurrection is a physical reality (John 3:10-12).
.......In this world inside every man and woman is a spirit, (James 2:26 tells us that our bodies are dead and lifeless without the spirit in them. Remember Jesus and Stephen both gave up their spirits and then after that happened their bodies died).
....... Jesus knew this, he knew and understood all heavenly things and spirit realities, after all He was and has been a Spirit (An Eternal Spirit, Hebrews 9:13-14 KJV) for all eternity before He became flesh and dwelt amongst us and was found in the likeness of men. Spiritual things Jesus understood perfectly. He was the Father, the parent of the spirits of all spirit beings and of the heavenly world where He and the Father share the Throne. Such light  was normal to our Lord from heaven. So when Jesus said in John 3, unless a MAN be born again or he will not enter into the kingdom of God, Jesus understood what he was talking about and Jesus knew that Gods Kingdom was a heavenly place and thing, a spiritual operation and spirit reality.
...... Jesus everyday on earth was in the heavenly place of the kingdom of God that was real within him. Inside his body, the hidden Son of God  who came down from heaven to us out of eternity he walked with God His Father. He was in the Spirit day by day with His Father and was talking directly to us from  His Fathers Spirit about spiritual realities and truths, and about the spirit of man and Jesus called...MAN, the real man.
....... In Jesus ' heavenly speech to us, He said, unless a man (The spirit of man, the hidden man of the heart 1 Peter 3:4) BE BORN AGAIN (or we could say it this way and be right), unless he be changed, be re-created, become a new creature created in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 4:22-23),..unless he undergo this rebirthing in his spirit,  he cannot ENTER into the kingdom of God.
.......Now notice with me here that when ones spirit is changed, is born again, Jesus said something we need to note about that. Jesus said a man who in his spirit is born again... HE ENTERS....HE ENTERS INTO
SOMETHING (That's Important).....Jesus said HE ENTERS INTO GODS KINGDOM.
....... Gods kingdom is a heavenly place, a heavenly or spirit place, a real place. A place that is the parent of the natural world and is more real than the physical world that the Spirit of God designed, formed, positioned and created. Jesus was everyday in the Spirit. Jesus was everyday in that heavenly place on the INSIDE OF HIM even though he now had a flesh and blood body on earth.
........ It was in that heavenly place within that body, THAT TEMPLE, that he and the Father daily communed and talked to one another in the sweetest of Spirit in Spirit divine fellowship and worship. Everyday he and the Father fellowshipped and walked together in Spirit and in truth. He said to us, Know ye not that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? (John 14:10-11). 
......Well, unless a mans spirit is changed, re-created, born again, then the Father cannot ENTER into that man, nor can that man ENTER  into the Father as things were in Jesus. God cannot enter into that man nor can that man ENTER INTO GOD as all of us can see happened on the day of Pentecost. Great Spirit in spirit entrances took place that day in heavenly places known by God to be in man. He that created that which was without created also that which is within. He knows and understand all that is a part of both men, that which is the outer man and that which is spirit THE INNER MAN.
....... On the day of Pentecost Gods Spirit entered into men and men's born agains spirits who first trusted in Christ (Eph 1:12-13) ENTERED INTO GOD. That is why Jesus did not bring to us the look of religion, such is deceptive, he came to us in the Power of the Spirit, a heavenly thing. Jesus did not come to us with just religious mind of  theological thought, the world had plenty of that, even Israel was full of men of much religious thought but no of God. Jesus said of those men, their hearts were far from him.
....... Jesus brought to us and taught us of God who is a Spirit reality and he showed us of heavenly Spirit life reality with the Life and Power of the Spirit of God in and upon Him confirming his wisdom and his every spiritual  word with invisible power that was clearly seen as it healed and even raised the dead and did many other miracles (John 21:24-25).
                                  *     *    *   *    *    *    *    *   *
......But brethren when the heavenly invisible part of man, when a mans spirit is born of God, changed and created new thru faith in Jesus Christ, Ephesians 4:23-24 reveals to us spiritual truths about that invisible man. It reveals to us that he, THE BORN AGAIN MAN, is a New Man and that new man is created IN CHRIST JESUS. He, that spirit man has ENTERED something. That invisible man, that new spirit man, He has even entered Someone. That something that he has ENTERED is the Kingdom of God and that SOMEONE that he as ENTERED is Jesus Christ who also is GOD, with God, in God and also now In Us.....As it is written, Christ In You the hope of glory.
....... The born again man who is RISEN WITH CHRIST has entered into Christ. In the invisible heavenly place within him that man is resurrected in his spirit even as Jesus was resurrected in his flesh. AND HE IS ALSO TRANSLATED, HE IS ALSO A TRANSLATED MAN as Jesus was translated into HEAVEN ITSELF, see Colossians 1:13. The body of Jesus our Lord that God raised from the dead and translated into heaven itself, that body that God raised up and translated back up in to heaven itself was first by God made different from the body of Jesus that was crucified by men. It is the same body taken by the Spirit of God and changed into what Paul called A GLORIFIED BODY.  God caused it, Christ Body, to BE BORN AGAIN and God caused Christ body in the resurrection change to be So Greatly Different than the body that was crucified and laid in the tomb.
......... God poured his resurrection life power into Jesus' dead crucified body and God transformed, translated, changed, and made different that body. The old flesh God made super glorified New Flesh. That RESURRECTED RISEN NEW FLESH of Jesus was so different than what was the crucified flesh. The flesh that the Word Became inside the virgin Mary's womb was made subject to death. But the glorified NEW FLESH of Christ body in the glory of His Resurrection, that glorified, changed, transformed, translated, renewed, made different and new redone flesh death, decay, nor corruption could never touch it ever again, NEVER.
........God created Christ risen flesh with EVERLASTING LIFE IN ITS EVERY NEW CELL & PART and such is the same with the spirit of every man that is Born Again in his spirit and made by God a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST. It is important to know and to note that. It is important that the Christian who is a spirit, for it is only in the spirit where the real heavenly difference is really known. it is important the the christians knows that HE IS RISEN WITH CHRIST, WITH CHRIST, WITH CHRIST for real IN HIS SPIRIT and that he is made new and different in his spirit man just like Jesus was raised and made brand new and different in his body when God raised him from the dead. Matter of fact the Risen WIth Christ Born Again Spirit is John 5:24 and Ephesians 2:1-10 reality in us (go read those scriptures in the KJV but not only)....We learn from those scriptures that In the hidden man of the heart OUR SPIRIT MAN that lives on beyond the bodies grave is a resurrected spirit, a passed from death unto life BORN AGAIN spirit, a RISEN WITH CHRIST SPIRIT SEATED WITH JESUS IN HEAVENLY PLACES. A TRANSLATED SPIRIT THAT HAS BEEN DELIVERED  FROM THE POWER OF DARKNESS  AND HAS BEEN TRANSLATED INTO THE KINGDOM OF GODS DEAR SON--Colossians 1;12-13). (Please go and read those scriptures KJV esp, but not only).
.......Yes friend, being RISEN WITH CHRIST is far far more than a theological thought that tickles the hearers ears with fancy idle chatter in religious sounding talk. It is a heavenly reality that takes place in the spirit of man, in the hidden man of the heart, NOT IN HIS FLESH (yet) nor in his MIND. The mind has to be TAUGHT of heavenly things or of spiritual things. Being RISEN WITH CHRIST has nothing to do with our present flesh or flesh wisdom. It is a heavenly thing or a spiritual truth and reality of our spirit and every word that Paul wrote from the Spirit about the spirit of God and of man is literal in interpretation understanding. It is just that those who are not in the Spirit or exercised in comparing spiritual things with spiritual cannot comprehend their reality and truths properly. These people still think like Nicodemus did in John 3. They think being born again is crawling back into their mothers womb and coming back out. Even so with that same kind of unspiritual mind, when they read words about the spirit of God or of the spirit of man in the scriptures they try to figure them out by the flesh and they fall short of the glory  of the spirits blessings and realities that is has being born again ans translated with Christ Jesus in the heavenly part and in the heavenly place that is within called the Kingdom of God.
.......He that is RISEN WITH CHRIST, well Paul said in Colossians 3:1-4 that Christ Jesus is his life. He said Jesus Christ is that RISEN MANS LIFE....Go read it for yourself.... So knowing that revelation now that Christ is our life and that Jesus is the life of all them that believe and belong to Christ, we ask you, DOES CHRIST LIVE FOREVER or does he have a temporary life???? He lives now forever and death can never touch him again...Revelations 1:18) Jesus speaking said, I am he that was dead but now I am ALIVE FOREVERMORE....And because He lives we live also and for no other reason we are saved and have everlasting life.
........Friends, that which is flesh is flesh, and that which is spirit is spirit. When we know and can discern  the difference between them, between the two by the eyes and mind of Christ, and learn and know that the spirit of man is the real man and that the spirit that believes in Jesus Christ is the born again man created new IN CHRIST JESUS, we are then learning spiritual wisdom and comparing spiritual things with spiritual.
.......So  we have learned that we who believe and belong to Jesus are RISEN WITH JESUS and Christ himself is our life and that Christ our life LIVES FOREVER....So now we can more better understand that scripture that says to us, CLEAVE TO GOD for He alone is Your Life....Let us not  leave Jesus Christ the Son of God. He alone is the way, the truth, and THE LIFE...He alone is our Sure and True and EVERLASTING LIFE. All other names have no Eternal Power nor Everlasting Life in them. Those other names of people or so called prophets that men throw into the so called religious arena, they have been thrown into the religious equation and arena to DECEIVE and rob people of eternal salvation that is only in Christ Jesus the Son of God. For Jesus by the true Spirit of God exalts His Son always and in every thing as FAR ABOVE ALL...... For by Jesus Christ the Word of God ALL THINGS were made and without Him was nothing made that was made. Adam was  made by Jesus. Moses was made by Jesus, Elijah was a creation of Jesus. Mohammed was created by the Power of the Name and Spirit of Jesus Christ as so were we all. For by Jesus Christ the Son of God, God created the worlds by. He alone can wear such Divine Shoes..If Moses, Elijah, King David or Isaiah, or any other self proclaimed and  named by men prophets tries to tell the world that they and their light is above Jesus Christ and His Light, they are deluded by demons in the mind and they are fools and deceivers targeted by the upcoming fire of the wrath of God upon all those that bow not to the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God whose Words are far above all in truth, power and glory. Amen......deno......share freely.