Thursday, September 24, 2015

You Are A Purchased Possession Paid For In Full...Vessels in the Mansion of God...Understanding the Value of the Price God Paid.....deno......share freely.

       In the New Covenant, the covenant of "not that we loved God but that He loved us light", God himself established our peace with him. We did nothing to accomplish the great and endless covenant of peace  between us and God except this, our sins nailed the Peace Offering to the Cross. 
       The peace offering of the flesh and blood of the animals in the old covenant was always offered for the friction to be set aside between God and Israel, but the peace of those peace offerings only lasted in brief moments of measurable time. None of them had Eternal power in them. None of them had Everlasting Power, Grace and Strength. But God had a plan of GREAT POWER, GRACE, AND SACRIFICIAL STRENGTH and that plan was known in God from the foundation of the world. God had the plan to take care of those sacrifices weakness. Looking into the mirror into the midst of the Three in One He said, Thou are slain from the foundation of the world. It is written, God became a man, and by the sacrifice of Himself, He put away sin FOREVER.  (Read Hebrews 9:7-15). God was in Christ Jesus doing it all.
        Jesus (without us), he went to battle for our peace to be won. He went  thru HARD LABOR HIMSELF on the Cross TO RAISE UP ENOUGH BLOOD  to obtain for us ETERNAL REDEMPTION and to purchase and to establish forever OUR COVENANT OF PEACE with God. With His own flesh and precious blood connected to His own Eternal Spirit, Jesus bought for us Peace With God and at the same time He PURCHASED US.  Now let us note this. What is about to be said is one of those sayings that we need to let sink deep into our hearing so that we REALLY HEAR IT with the HEART....ready? Bought things brothers and sisters are already paid for. Purchased things have no debt that they owe. Therefore the children ARE FREE INDEED and spiritually DEBT FREE concerning the spirits freedom.
       It is sad that so many do not know or see clearly or understand the deep meaning of the word that says, we were bought with a price and that we are a purchased possession and  that in Christ Jesus we are all Gods possession, vessels in the house of God. Many do not understand that they have been SET FREE and a MADE FREE PEOPLE, nor do they know the grace about their glorious liberty that they have In Christ Jesus.
       Freed people, set free people are surely free, but if their own minds wrestle with that fact, argue with that fact, then though they are free indeed in the spirit from their tie to the spirit of this world, the other part of their being which is the mind WHICH CAN LEARN or BE MANIPULATED, their mind by improper teaching, and shortcoming knowledge and wisdom is in bodage. For whom the Son has SET FREE is FREE INDEED. They are not half free, partial free, or part time free. Nor are they on lay away. Their freedom and their purchase, and there peace with God has been PAID FOR IN FULL. Jesus said they are COMPLETELY FREE...FREE INDEED.
      How can a slave enjoy his freedom  if he is stubborn in his mind against it, does not understand it, or is not aware that he has been SET FREE and that his freedom was BOUGHT WITH A PRICE and PAID FOR IN FULL? And how can he take advantage of BEING SET FREE when in his heart he refuses to believe it? He is free in the spirit, but still in chains in his mind. So what does he do in his ignorance? He picks up his bible and goes back to the place of the OLD WINE and gets drunk  to where he does not think right. He goes and gets his bible and he goes backwards into the fields working and laboring UNDER THE LAW OF SLAVERY trying to some day justify himself and save enough money up to buy what has already been PURCHASED FOR HIM. This my friend, is a deception where the enemy preys upon the mind of the FREED ONES  who still have blind spots in their REDEMPTION THINKING whereby he can take advantage of them by.
      Church, Satan always does his best works and roams in THE DARK. Blind spots in our understanding  are places the devil can still roam in our lives and keep us in chains there. For Gods people, the prophet said, are run over, even some destroyed, because of their lack of knowledge and proper understanding.
       People who in their minds do not know or understand that they are a purchased possession, bought and paid for in full with a price, the price of Gods own blood, they can still think that they are slaves in their minds and not free or they think of themselves as not being purchased. They think they are still on a shelf in a store somewhere in this world waiting for somebody to buy them instead of seeing themselves as a beautifully loved and greatly cherish vessel already bought by the price of Christ own blood and that they have been BY GOD HIMSELF placed in the Mansion of God.
       When we go into a Mansion, into a wealthy families home, we can see all kinds of items and vessels. You being the families guest you pick of a vessel on display on a beautiful cherry wood table. You say to the wealthy Dad, sir can I ask you a question? He answers back, certainly...Just how much did you pay for this vessel. He, hesitates and says, 2 millions dollars. You get a lump in your throat, your hands start to shake and you ever so gently replace that vessel back on to that display table. You now look at that same vessel in a different light as you did before. You honor that vessel with sacred thought and activity because your eyes have now been opened to that vessels incredible value.
        Well just like that story teaches us, so it is with the redeemed of the Lord who were bought with a price and are Gods personally purchased peculiar vessels in the House or the Mansion of God. All of heavens angels, as they walk about in the Mansion of God, in heaven itself, and they see the children of God in Christ there, they handle us with sacred approach. For for them, when they see us and our names written down there, THEY KNOW THE PRICE GOD PAID FOR US. OUR WORTH AND OUR NETWORTH there exceeds everything in heaven by the PRICE GOD  PAID TO OWN US, to make us GODS very dear children. Well, the children need to see and understand their GREAT PLACE AND WORTH as the Angels do in glory. Friends truly it is ok for us who are In Christ Jesus love our self as God loves us. If someone on earth paid a price ro purcahse and own you and make you his child and paid a BILLION DOLLARS to purchase you as his son, you would easily recognize how much you are loved, cherished, and worth, and wanted. You would think good thoughts about yourself. You would think and say, Wow, I am greatly wanted, greatly, loved, greatly cherished, and of great worth and greatly valued. All by knowing and understanding the price the BILLIONAIR PAID TO MAKE YOU HIS CHILD. 
        Well once we really see the wealth of the Blood of God which is the HIGHEST VALUE OF ALL THINGS in all of heaven and in all of earth, far surpassing all things in all Creation, we will start to say GOOD THINGS and Lovely Things, and things of peace and goodwill about ourselves and to ourselves with joy. We will say with deeper meaning and higher and greater more positive understanding, Truly I Am Greatly Loved and We are Redeemed and I Belong to God as His dear children by the greatest price of all, by Gods own Blood. For our eyes have finally been opened to the Price God Paid to make us His Most Prized Possessions in the Mansion of God.
       Those that do not understand the great purchase and have dimmed eyes about who they are In Christ and about their glorious liberty, and do not see that their freedom was paid for in full with the greatest price and that they are Gods very own possession, they are still in bodage in their minds with the OLD WINE mentality that the bible calls slavery or slave mentality.
        Brethren PURCHASED THINGS OWE NO ONE NOTHING. PAID FOR IN FULL ITEMS BELONG TO THE ONE WHO BOUGHT THEM. WE BELONG TO GOD AND THE PRODUCT OF OUR EVERLASTING PEACE WITH GOD JESUS ALSO PAID FOR IN FULL WITH THE PRICE OF HIS OWN BLOOD. God cannot and will not transgress against this Everlasting Purchase. He would never dishonor or demean or belittle His Sons Sacrifice and Blood. God has the receipt. He was there that day when He purchased us. How could he ever  forget. That day of the great purchase, It is carved deeply in both His Hands. It is important that you know that and use that truth every time the enemy tries to put you back in bondage or make you think that you are still on the shelf somewhere, or that God is against you, or that you are not redeemed or saved, or that you are not a child of God in Christ the spirit. You were bought, meaning paid for in full, with a great incomparable price.
        It is important that you see yourself free, bought and paid for in full and a vessel in the Mansion of God. With out that proper sight you can be deceived. Church we are free and the product of our peace with God has already been paid for in full.  Read the words of the Covenant of Peace below.

Isaiah 54:5-10New King James Version (NKJV)

5 For your Maker is your HUSBAND,
The Lord of hosts is His name;
And your REDEEMER is the Holy One of Israel;
He is called the God of the whole earth.
6 For the Lord has called you
Like a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit,
Like a youthful wife when you were refused,”
Says your God.
7 “For a mere moment I have forsaken you,
But with GREAT MERCY I will gather you.
8 With a little wrath I hid My face from you for a moment;
But with EVERLASTING KINDNESS  I will have mercy on you,”
Says the Lord, your REDEEMER.
9 “For this is like the waters of Noah to Me;
For as I have sworn
That the waters of Noah would no longer cover the earth,
That I WOULD NOT BE ANGRY with you, nor rebuke you.
10 For the mountains shall depart
And the hills be removed,
But MY KINDNESS shall not depart from you,
Nor shall My COVENANT OF PEACE be removed,”(It is Everlasting)
Says the Lord, who has mercy on you.....deno....share freely.