Saturday, September 26, 2015

Physical Circumcision Compared to Spiritual Circumcision. Christ cut in our spirits.....deno.....share freely

Ephesians 2:6)..And with Christ God has raised us up together and made us SIT TOGETHER in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.....The Seated with Christ spirits, when they know they are Seated with Christ, the enemy cannot toss them to and fro (Ephesians 4:12-15) and make them doubt their place in salvation.

.......Did you know that Jesus was a Spirit that became in-housed with a body of flesh? Sure you did. Well did you know that before Jesus entered that flesh body you could still talk with him and walk with him, and even sit down with him in heavenly places with His Spirit and conversate as Spirit to spirit beings.  Angels are all spirits and they talk with Jesus daily and have been doing  so way before His Spirit came down from heaven and was in-housed  in flesh.
.......Spirit beings heaven is full of. They have shapes, figures, and all kinds of spiritual parts just like we do in our flesh. They eat and they drink and that which they eat and drink goes thru a process similar to our own. TO SOME THAT SOUNDS STRANGE...Some people cannot except that truth, but when you enter heaven you will see that the saints still eat and drink and so do many of the spirits DEPENDING ON WHAT KIND THEY ARE , and depending on what kinds they are is given them their kind of food or manna to intake..
....... Matter of fact, the earth and man and animals etc. get our patterns and images from Spirits and from heavenly patterns and realities. 
.......You know when a persons body dies their spirit lives on. In heaven or in hell they continue to live on. They talk, they hear, they think, they know things, they can ask questions, they can recognize things, objects and people. They can walk and run and even fight wars, raise swords, or play and have fun. They can eat and drink. The fallen spirits can and do feel pain and torments, while the spirits of heaven are drenched in exquisite comforts and everlasting joy is upon their heads. They partake of food and of things the world knows not of.
....... All spirits have an everlasting existence to them being that they are spirits, but the health and wealth and conditions of the spirits vary. In hell, those spirits are the poorest of poor in spirit measurements. In hell those spirits live forever and shall never cease to exist because of the law of Gods power and energies placed in spirits when He created them. That power and energy came from Gods eternal power and that makes those spirits unable to cease to exist and they cannot dissipate. Those spirits and souls in hell live on forever but they are deprived of all heavenly nourishment. They want water for comfort and relief from their  torments but are allowed none. Hell is a place of no love, NONE, and of NO MERCY, NONE at all. Don't go there.
........Heaven though on the other hand is filled with every lovingkindness of God and the spirits of people in heaven access and enjoy every spiritual blessing that exist. Those spirits in heaven eat of the Tree of life that is in the midst of the Paradise of God (Rev 2:7). Those spirits in heaven eat of the HIDDEN MANNA of heaven (Rev 2:17). They eat of all the goodness of God that He even created and placed in heavenly things that our world and life is much patterned after.
.......Even when we are changed in the twinkling of an eye and put on our glorified bodies that we shall have in the resurrection, we shall ascend into heaven itself and  sit down with Jesus and eat together with him at the wedding feast. There, all of us shall be served lamb better than all prepared lamb on earth in honor of Jesus and his redeeming us unto God by His blood.. Jesus' resurrected body is exactly the same kind of body that we shall have in the day of our promised resurrection and that we shall be in at the marriage supper of the Lamb feasting and celebrating the awe of it all.
.......After the resurrection of Jesus our Lord, we know from the scriptures that Jesus in his resurrected glorified body, he could even walk thru walls. We know he ate fish and honey comb. He probably drank something also, but not the fruit of the vine.
........Spirits have a nature and have conditions like our flesh does. Spirits can wax strong in spirit or they can wax weak depending on the grace and the spiritual intake and spiritual build up. Right now all of us whose spirit is in Christ Jesus, our spirit has a redemption state and condition and a spiritual circumcision type of mark in it that Gods Spirits sight and even the Angels eyes can see. That real but heavenly mark in our spirit identifies us as saved and born of God and says to the heavenly host that we are the redeemed spirits that believe and belong to Christ. That heavenly cut, that mark in our spirit man within shows us to be the heavenly spirit being members of the New Covenant that God made with our spirits thru the Circumcision  of Christ  and His blood of the NEW COVENANT. The old covenant was after the flesh and its mark was in the flesh of the mans foreskin and that circumcision was the sign that they were covenant members with God of the old covenant. God and the angels and men could see that cut in the foreskin. Well our heavenly cut in our spirits is to spirit beings just as visual to them. It is a real cut in our spirit man.
........In the New Covenant we undergo circumcision but it is not a flesh cut as was in the old covenant. In the New Covenant it is more of a spiritual covenant for the spirits of men, for their spirits eternal life and for their every spiritual blessing for spirits to have and to enjoy. But we also need to know that the NEW COVENANT  does contain and is filled with overflowing benefits and blessings that flows from the heavenlies into even our natural physical world and life. And it is for this reason the New Covenant, it is and is called the BETTER COVENANT ESTABLISHED UPON EVEN BETTER PROMISES THAN WHAT THE OLD COVENANT HAD. Glory to God.
........ The NEW COVENANT gives us all BOLD ACCESS to the Throne of God and Grace, and gives us the best of both worlds, the spirit world of God and the physical world of Gods creation. In Christ all things are ours what now is, what was, and what shall be (1 Corinthians 3:21-23).
.........So in closing this light I want us to be sure of this that spirits are real. We all are spirits living in these physical bodies of flesh.  Spirit of all kinds fill up heaven and they fill up hell. In hell those spirits there  do not bear in their spirit the mark of the heavenly circumcision. Because of this they died in theirs sins. They died alienated from the Christ and from the salvation covenant. They did not believe in the love of the truth that it is Jesus Christ atoning blood covenant agreement.
......Those spirits of the New Covenant in heaven, their spirits had the cut or the mark of the circumcision of Christ in them and by that cut they were and are identified as believing and  belonging to Christ. When their bodies died their spirit man was taken up it heaven into the glory of God in Christ.
....... A spirit that on earth is religious as all the Pharisees and Sadducees were who fought against Jesus and his teachings, who outwardly looked religious with all that that means, who are even circumcised with the cut and mark in their flesh foreskin, but are not circumcised in the spirit, in the inner man, they are the most misled and they are the most deceived by dead religion. They all wear the outward religious adornings. Their clothes even look religious. They make religious sounding sounds. They fast, they tithe and preach and quote the scriptures, but Jesus said on the inside of them they were dead men full of bones and of all corruption. All of that spiritual death, and darkness and evil that Jesus said was inside them was hid BY STRONG LOOKING AND APPEARING  EXTERNAL RELIGIOUS APPAREL. And Jesus said of these men the thing that notes also the true mark of the New Covenant circumcision that reveals to Christ if the spirit in that body is really circumcised with the circumcision of Christ or not. Jesus told them, I know you look religious BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE THE LOVE OF GOD IN YOU.
.......Brothers and sisters in Christ, not only is there a real heavenly circumcision cut or mark in the spirit that is born of God by faith in Jesus Christ that God and the angels can actually see as they look into our heavenly place AND PART within that identifies the spirit to whom it belongs to, but that spirit that belongs to Christ has a new Christ Spirit like nature given it when born again. It is the love of Christ and of Gods love and holy image and likeness. Read Ephesians 4:23-24 KJV and 1 John 3:14-19. For if any man be in Christ he is a NEW CREATION..this is speaking solely about his inner man, his inward spirit, the part of man that lives beyond the bodies grave.. His flesh is still that same. The New Creation difference is all in the spirit and nothing in the flesh. THATS IMPORTANT.
.......We cannot rely on our flesh for the witness of these spiritual things, nor for the proof of everlasting life or of the everlasting life of the spirit, for the flesh is daily aging and dying until it is finally all dead.  So for these mentioned obvious things to be learned and realized, we are not to look to our decaying, dying flesh to teach us about the spirit that is in Christ  and of its everlasting life. God has to OPEN OUR EYES as he did the Apostle Paul to show us and teach us these spiritual things and heavenly truths about our spirit that belongs to Jesus  and of those spirits  who are the members of Satan.
.......The circumcision cut or mark in ones own spirit deep within the heart as we have talked about in this light makes all the difference in the world between being saved or not saved, having spiritual life or spiritual death, between heaven and hell, between belonging to God or to the devil.
.......So knowing this we beseech you in the love of Christ and say, Have you been born again or do you just appear religious a couple of times a month or year? Are you just a show of external religious looks  but you have not the love of God in you as they had not the love of God in them?. Jesus said to those religious Pharisees and others of the elders of Israel that opposed him who he said outwardly looked righteous and religious, Jesus said, I see your spirit inside you (Jesus new what was in man). He said to them that they were evil, full of dead men's bones and all corruption and that he could tell that THEY DID NOT HAVE THE LOVE OF GOD INSIDE THEM.
........Loving others, even loving your enemies and doing them good for their evil they did to you are signs of the true circumcision of Christ in you. But if you hate people and your enemies and crave for them to burn with a unquenchable hate and anger, Gods love is not in you, or you have been tricked by the world and by Satan not to walk in it......deno.......share freely.