Friday, April 22, 2016

Exposing Satan and Satanic Compassion......written by deno.

EXPOSING SATAN and Satanic Compassion.....written by deno.
The Bread is in the writing.
        There is compassion which is from God, there is human compassion, and there exist satanic compassion (Yes Satanic Compassion). Let's break it down.
        God's compassion forgives the repentant heart but always expects agreement and conformity to God's Laws of holiness. If you do not agree with God and you refuse to repent, the compassion stops. That is why there exist hell. This is the truth. It must be preached.
        Human compassion sheds tears on the hurting and gathers together to help mend the pains of life in this world. It stops there.
        Satanic compassion removes the black and white about all it can to cause confusion and make gray what from God was given to us in clear black and white distinction, (so that in that last days type of new formed subtle temptation), by it's clever distorting confusing wit, people cross God's drawn lines and even justify themselves to do so. In other words satanic compassion takes the clear black and white, right from wrong Commandments of God, and makes gray everything that is right from wrong so that salt and light is removed from society to make the atmosphere more comfortable for the spirit of gray and so that what is clearly evil and wrong to God, feels more comfortable and welcomed to man, to the world. This is Satan's present satanic agenda.
        This gender confusion and bathroom issue is clear black and white turned into gray by the implementation of satanic compassion. It removes all need of repentance and says, Do As You Will, not as God says. It's the same persuasive voice that spoke to Eve that turned Gods black and white clarity into a gray issue that first confused and then deceived. Then once the gray was given place to, IT CURSED and RUINED THE WORLD. 
       Satanic compassion is also destructive to a nation where it is applied that tolerates all its gray and its satanic compassion laws. Satanic compassion influencing the human soul will even convince that soul and mind to cry tears and feel sorry for even Satan himself and strive to make a comforting place for satan and his satanic evil perversions in society.
        This also it will say and do to all those that do not feel sorry for satan and his spiritual confusion and evil; All those that oppose this satanic compassion law on Satan and his gray issues, the world would call those opposers mean, the cruel, the evil unloving ones, even the haters, while they being deceived cry tears for satan himself feeling sorry for his sin and for his confused mind and they go down with him in time.
         God's Spirit does not tolerate or feel sorry for Satan, nor does God have any compassion on Satan at all because the devil cannot deceive the Lord or hide his wicked destructive evil intents. God knows Satan is more dangerous than a rattle snake and more wicked and more monstrous than any human soul. His evil spirit today is working within satanic tolerance and within all the gray. Soon the world will accept the fulness of his final greatest lie of the antichrist persuasive wit. He will turn it all, even the former light and traditional ways to gray first. America today is full of this Gray. Then after the confusion is set in place, the devil comes to turn everything, even the whole world totally UPSIDE DOWN challenging all the worlds former beliefs and traditions. He confuses first his prey to make them wonder and question. He deceives secondly and then after he has deceived/bitten his victims, he then injects the Serpent's poison.
       The whole world fall's together for Satan's greatest believable last days gigantic satanic lie of his antichrist who Satan himself sits down upon the world's highest throne in darkness (Rev 13:2). The world in that hour will go from its gray position (because it is utterly confused from the effects of the satanic poison that is messing with their head), to total darkness (Strong delusion), believing the greatest lie of all is the truth and that the former truth that they before believed was a lie (2 Thess 2:11-12). They fall away from Jesus (2 Thess 2:1-3) into the arms of Lucifer unto damnation. He will lie about God and Jesus Christ and exalt himself above all that men have formerly believed, but his own mouth of blaspheme will cause his unending destruction. Jesus destroys him at the brightness of his return (2 Thess 2:1-14).
        The world is right now FAR into the gray area. The serpent's fangs are being drove deep into position for the full poisoning of the soul of the world. Soon comes the full climax of the darkness which will cause the serpent's hiss to sound like a beautiful angelic voice BUT THAT PERCEPTION COMES FROM THE SATANIC POISON RUNNING THRU THEIR VEINS......Jesus is the Truth and Jesus is both Lord and Christ. Stick to him forever....Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Give place to the devil and he will eventually ruin and destroy his bitten prey with both his gray and darkness spell potions and most deadly poison (AntiChrist)......share freely.........deno.