Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Ark and the God Factor......deno......share freely.

       This scripture sealed the Arks survival victory thru the flood. Genesis 7:16....they went in as GOD COMMANDED THEM, and the Lord Shut him in.
       The covenant keeping God who gives His Covenant Success Blessing on to the works of our hands (Deut 28:12), it was He that SHUT & SEALED THE DOOR of the Ark. God and His Covenant Success Blessing was on the scene. From the first board connected to the second board all the way to the final board put in its place, God blessed it all with HIS KEEPING BLESSING POWER. The same power of God that God poured into Jesus when He raised His Son from the dead, God used that same glory and poured it upon the Ark guaranteeing the Arks survival unto its landing on the mountains of Ararat. 
       He that upholds the Universe thru the Word of His Power was the upholder and insurer of the Arks Complete Success. It was the GOD FACTOR that made the Ark Successfully Complete its mission purpose and reach its final resting place, so it was with Christ. 
........Note....As with all the miracles of the bible it was the GOD FACTOR that was the glory of them all. Blessed be the Name of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ Forever.....Amen.....deno......share freely. 

Ken Ham...Answers In Genesis Noah's Ark Project.