Saturday, April 23, 2016

Just God saying I Love You had not in itself any redeeming saving power. His love had to take action. His love had to grow feet and hands......deno......share freely

The Bread is in the writings.
Wisdom from what the Cross of Christ reveals and speaks...God's love was put into action. God's love was more than just words...This is important light.......deno.

.......Note: Every soul is greatly loved and cherished by God as worthy of His own willingness to become a man and to suffer and pour out His own atoning blood thru the Way of the Cross. 
God in His love for the world wills that no one perish but that all men be saved. Yes God greatly loves us all, but just having love and just saying I love you is powerless to redeem....Here comes the wisdom so incline your hearts ears right now.
But God loving us itself cannot of itself save us, his Word even reveals this. God just simply saying that He loves us saves no one. Think about that for a moment. Just God greatly loving us and just God saying I love you, those spoken words in themselves did not and do not have the redeeming weight, nor carry in them the power to save or deliver anyone from sin and hell.
        Think about it, even just God saying, I FORGIVE YOU ADAM & I FORGIVE YOU EVE WOULD NOT HAVE SAVED THEM NOR FIXED THE PROBLEM their sin caused. If is were that simple, salvation would have come by God just saying, I FORGIVE YOU. But as the scripture reveals, without the shedding of blood there is NO REMOVAL OF SIN.
       As we look at Jesus Christ and him crucified and by looking at his atoning blood that He shed on that cross, and seeing the tremendous sufferings of Christ, we see the wisdom of God. The bible says that the Cross of Christ is the wisdom of God and the Power of God. We see that just a good deed of God like feeding all the poor in the world, or clothing all the naked with cloths, or a me're kind word from God, WE SEE that those good deeds and good things could not redeem or save us. We even see that even the intense tears shed by the Lord in great soulish agony could not save us. We also see and find out that all the healing virtue of Jesus healing every sickness and disease of all humanity, did not have the necessary power to save the soul or the world.
        Those good deeds, those GOOD WORKS by God himself, in themselves could not save the world. If those GOOD WORKS and acts of God in his kindness of feeding all the poor, clothing all the naked, and healing all the hurting alone could have saved the world then Jesus would have been spared the horrendous agonies of the Cross. The gospel would have had NO CROSS in its light or print. It would have been a gospel of GOOD DEEDS and ACTS OF KINDNESS alone that would have saved and redeemed the world. 
        Since therefore God doing the GOOD WORKS of feeding all the poor in the world, and since by God himself doing the GOOD WORK of clothing all the naked in the world, and since God doing the GOOD WORK of healing every sickness and every disease of all the world with His healing virtue and many other GOOD WORKS and acts of sweetness and kindness could not undo and save Adam and Eve and all of us from sin, death, hell and the grave; And since God Himself doing those Kind Things could not save us from hell by those acts, GOOD WORKS, and good deeds of kindness and compassion displayed at those levels, then we to, yes none of us shall be saved by our own personal GOOD WORKS and GOOD DEEDS like feeding the poor and by clothing the naked.
We do those things because those things are the right thing to do but those good deeds have NO POWER to save the soul from hell. They have no redeeming saving the soul power in them. 
         The true gospel of God, its heart, its foundation, its lowest and highest most important point and all that fills its in between section is the Cross of Christ, his blood, death, and resurrection purposes. If you see no blood in it, it has no power to forgive and to save in it. As it is written, Without the shedding of blood there is no remission or removal of sin.
Christ which was GOD WITH US as a man, shed His precious sinless blood to redeem and to save the world. If he could have saved us doing all those GOOD WORKS that he was doing all those three years and side stepped the blood of HIS CROSS, then he would have been spared the Crosses agonies. But seeing now that God could not save us by HIS OWN GOOD DEEDS AND KINDNESS of feeding the poor, clothing the naked, healing all that hurt with sickness and disease, neither shall any of us be saved by personally doing GOOD WORKS. of our own kindness to others. If the Blood of Christ is not in it and if the blood of Christ is not the why for the good deed being done, then it is not the true gospel of God and Jesus Christ His Son. and it is a DEAD POWERLESS DEED no matter how sweet or how precious or how wonderful or how grand or how loving and kind it appears to be..
        Love that would have a real REDEEMING SAVING EFFECT had to be more than just a feeling, more than a good gesture, and it had to be more than just an emotional response said from God to us in words only for us to be saved. Love even had to be more than in just tears cried by God our Creator to save us. Love had to be put into the action of Sacrifice to save us, even the action of the Cross of Christ in Blood.
Without the Cross of Christ, all the love that God had for Adam and Eve and for us was without power to rescue and save us. That is the honest truth and that truth is the cause for the tears and the agonies of the Son of God. He died for our sins so that God's great love and passion for us would have power, power to reach us, power to lay holt on to us, power to redeem us, and to accomplish the will of God's love for us TO REDEEM US.
        If God could have saved us just from emotion and just from saying I Love You, and just from being kind and sweet, then that is how we would have been saved and Jesus would have been spared all the horror of the Cross. But we see in the tears and in the prayer of Jesus in the garden of his despair that just having love for us and just saying I LOVE YOU all the time was powerless to redeem and to save the soul from hell. Jesus had to put his greater love for us into ACTION and give up his life as a sacrifice for sin to save.
........And And And, we must note this also.... Yet even though Jesus poured out his redeeming blood to save us, if we do not receive his blood by faith into our personal souls cup, then all the power of his redeeming blood that he poured out and all the great power of his great sacrifice to save us will not help us in any way, shape, or form in the end by itself. It is not an automatic transaction. We must receive for ourselves THE GIFT by FAITH.
        In man's sin snare, just being loved by God alone could not undo what Adam did. God's love for Adam was the same after Adam sinned as it was before Adam transgressed. Sinless blood had to be poured out by a sinless man to atone for Adam's sin and to undo its power over us....Please listen now. This is important light here...... Even so just having love and just saying I love God with one's mouth cannot save a man just as God having love and just saying that He loved us could not by itself save you and I. (Jesus Christ and Him Crucified must be in the equation). Plus we must put action behind our love talk (Why call Me Lord Lord and yet you do not the things that I say?); and we must repent of our sin, and agree with God and His holy convictions and ways, and believe in Jesus Christ God's Son's atoning death, and justifying resurrection calling upon Jesus to forgive us and to save us.
        You can say God loves you and that you love God all day, but if you refuse to repent of your sin and refuse to agree with God's holy ways and convictions and obey Jesus, but actually fight against the Lord and his holy ways, Satan then is still hanging around in your life, seeing your passion sign for his ways is still up and this allows him to have your soul in his deceiving vice......(Read John 14:23-24..).....scroll down.

Lets now move on to deal with the Gender Bathroom Issue.

       The implementing of the gender bathrooms is not an act of compassion, nor special understanding although it is behind those wolves skin that it is sold to the American people. Remove all the wrappers off this issue and you will find it is a purposed offense against God and Jesus Christ, against the bible and Christianity. They are turning what is clear black and white given the world by God into delusional gray. And it is another test to see where the heart of the nation is and how much change we will tolerate of former moral beliefs and traditions. 

        He said a change is coming to America and this was part of that planned enforced change. He will be remembered by God as the president of America that promoted what God called an abomination. This sin God said is amongst the greater sins. The toleration of abominations and the promotion thereof gravely effects a people. It is like a fist towards heaven saying we do not want Your Rule over us. In the soul of that nation, in the spiritual atmosphere the damage of this tolerance and of this abomination promotion is like the effects of a mighty outbreak of the most deadliest of diseases that only repentance and the removal of that abomination can heal. Tolerating it will spread its soulish deadly disease in ways the world knows not of. Satan is totally celebrating on this one.
        This evil is an agenda. God save America...Even The In God We Trust is under attack also and traditional marriage redefined to give abomination it's ok and tolerance in the American society.
........ The war against God is alive in the nation. The people financing and promoting this war let us pray they all will be exposed whoever they may be and lose all their power and influence in our country and concerning its course.
....... When men who once knew God turn away from Him as to dictate to Him how things will be as they refuse His Word and refuse to agree with God on the issues and refuse to repent, but now actually promote the sin against the Thou Shalt Not , and He sees in their heart that ON PURPOSE  they are doing this,  a curse begins to form within them against their eternity. It strangely scratches against their soul everyday and when their soul leaves the body, they find out that that slight strange uncomfortable scratch was the claws of their appointed misleading demons, the spirits of their disobedience that deceived them thru their injected unnatural affections.
.........None of us are perfect and that truth is established, but some sin loving it and do so without any restraint. Everything within them flows in harmony and delight with the sin and nothing inside them disagrees with it. But there are those who in the spirit, in the hidden man of the heart are born of God by faith in Jesus Christ; yet they being still clothed with the sinful flesh body, they notice the banging of two wills going on on the inside of them when they sin. Now these sometime sin, but on the inside of their heart and souls they have a voice of disagreement echoing its disagreement with their sin by conviction with the Thou Shalt Not voice. The removal of heavens conviction is what they want to remove from the people. That is why they enforce the removal of the Ten Commandments and replace it with the Forget God and  "Do What Thou Will" evil spirit and doctrine.(Read Psalms 2:1-12 & Ephesians 2:1-3).
.........Without the salt of the holy voice of conviction, the world would even be darker than it is. There would be a 4th bathroom put in place for the comforts of Lucifer himself so he would not be offended or feel out of place in the world..That fourth bathroom is already way into construction........deno........share freely.