Monday, June 27, 2016

They Cry, Give us Barabbas and Mohammed Instead.......share freely......deno.

Might as well go ahead and tell the truth.
......The Left and the Liberals have fought against the light of Jesus Christ and Christianity for years and decades in America. They have fought and fought to cause Christianity to lose its power over American politics and its influence off the conscience of the American people and off of the American society. They had no idea that Satan was just waiting in the balance for a few decades until he could move in with his deceiving counterfeit religious replacement called Islam and its radical Muslims.
......Yes the Left and the Liberals hated Christ influences on the American culture from its founding days so they went to political war against Christ and Christianity and as a result, now the wolf himself from hell with his blood thirsty wolves are in their neighborhoods waiting for their unsuspecting prey to behead them and to strike at anytime.
......The same replacement counterfeit false religion also Satan waited in the balance to invade into England and Europe. Now the Liberals and the Left have their hands full trying to control this violent religion of those who are rioting in the streets, practicing no tolerance for those who disagree with Islam; And they gave place to the same Islam of radical Muslims who wants to behead them both, both sinner and saint alike and crush all liberalism and freedoms.....They were to shallow to see what was coming after their AntiJesus Christ movement, and what they were giving place to by their Psalms chapter 2 rebellion against Americas Christian God and Americas Christian Heritage.
......England has been really feeling the consequences of their casting off of Jesus decades ago with the present Muslim invasion in Londond and all over their British country by the Muslim religion replacement that is literally giving England and the rest of Europe all kinds of different Hell on earth these days....deno.....share