Monday, June 20, 2016

Christ Tears Could Not Save Us..Only His Blood Could....Wisdom from the Cross......deno......share freely.

       Redemption Forgiveness is the pardoning of the guilty by the power of a punishment and by a price made and paid by someone else who was sin free for the sinners transgression....It is a purchased forgiveness and freedom, not an emotional response only to the problem.
       Tears and crying alone even by God and Jesus could not save us, forgive us or pardon us. Jesus wept bitterly in the garden about our sins and his cup, but though he cried the purest sincere rivers of tears, HE STILL HAD TO GO TO THE CROSS FOR US TO BE PARDONED AND SAVED. His tears and crying were not enough...As it is written, Without the shedding of blood there is no removal of transgression, no pardon, no forgiveness. Christ had to give up his life thru the shedding of HIS BLOOD FOR US TO BE FORGIVEN, PARDONED, AND SAVED.
       Redemption forgiveness is not an emotional response but a purchased pardon. That is the wisdom of God in the Cross of Christ. He died to set the guilty free thru divine complete pardon that was paid for in full by HIS OWN PRECIOUS BLOOD.
       If we could have been pardoned and saved simply by an emotional response of the me're words I FORGIVE YOU from God and so saying those words alone would have pardon us and forgave us, then Jesus would have been spared the horrors of the blood of His Cross. But instead Jesus HAD TO GO TO THE CROSS because an emotional response IN WORDS ONLY had no power to wash away the guilt stains of transgressions, only blood can do that. Jesus had to pay the price thru severe punishment, even unto the full taste of death for us to be forgiven, pardoned completely, and saved.....As it is written in Colossians and in Ephesians...Thru Jesus Christ WE HAVE REDEMPTION THRU HIS BLOOD, EVEN THE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS.......deno.....share freely.