Monday, June 13, 2016

The Need of the Enforcement of Moral Law to be reestablished in society......deno.....share freely.

.......A person, people, or nation without the strong enforcement of moral law is like a ship stripped of its sails being drawn and blown away by the wind and will of evil into an abyss called hell on earth. America and the world is headed head first in that direction. Seems we've lost our backbone against evil and wrong.
...... We need to put the sails, the enforcement of moral Law back on this ship before its to late. We need the ministry of moral SALT back in our country because all this pepper is giving our nation national constipation. We substituted pepper for salt way back in the 60's and now we are really reaping the high cost of that Anti Bible legislation. When the the moral salt of the Ten Commandments was thrown out by the liberals in America, the pepper was put in its place. Do what you feel and do as you will became the American children's new guiding light...And now look at America's children today....Sad.
.......We were fun bad in the 70s but today these kids will cuss you, spit on you, stab you, pull each others hair out, and shoot you just for embarrassing them or giving them an awkward look or for being a different color. A real evil vain pride has lodged itself deep into the heart of our children and it is dividing our kids like never before. And then also we have the crazies who have been deeply deceived to believe that killing certain people is doing Gods present service which is the devils lie. 
........This is where we are at in our society. Its not the beautiful roses that are standing out in America as the beautiful rose used to, now its the thorns that we see more than the flowers. Sad days in our nation and world. And we caused it thru our Anti God, Anti Jesus push and legislation decades ago. In America for centuries, we used to grab our bibles and quote the path of righteousness. Now we grab our crotches and sing the way of demons and of evil right into the heart. Once the abundance of evil is planted into the heart, soon afterwards the harvest of it is seen in society. We are there right now.
..........We removed the salt in exchange for the pepper. And now even with this evil religion that is the present most threatening thing on earth to life and peace, we still refuse to apply the real salt, we just throw some pepper at it. This will only cause the cancer, this infection to spread even more. Trump is the only politician that makes true sense. To tolerate evil such as this is the massive use of pepper and no salt. It is time that true real American Salt that preserves and saves a people and a nation from evil be revived and again the legislation that is back in Washington and in all the states.
.......Our founding fathers understood that evil is in the heart of man (EVEN ALL MEN, theirs included) and it takes biblical SALT and the strong enforcement of moral law or you will have abounding sin, corruption, abounding wrong, anarchy, riot, violent protest, and liberals and their delusional wisdom running crazy in the streets and in Washington. They were so wise and so right.(Biblical SALT and the strong enforcement of moral law is the only real defense against an immoral lawless heart and mind. Become soft on crime and you will reap the whirlwind of abounding evil and civil disobedience as we are seeing in our society today. You feed evil and evil multiplies, increases and becomes stronger. Pour real SALT on evil and against evil and it decreases and weakens.) Whatever happened to the ABCs of basic common sense? Liberals, that is what happened.
.......The enemies of SALT and the adversaries of a moral society based on biblical principals removed the SALT and the moral law of the bible out of the teaching ground of our schools generations ago thinking such was good for America and they thought that they were wise in doing so and the devil with the wisdom of his deluded liberals moved happily right on in. These deluded people say things like, "what was before wrong in our society we now call proper and the right thing to do". They say things like, "guns are living breathing machines with a heart beat and mind all their own, therefore we must imprison all the guns". They say things like, "Its not what your anatomy shows you that makes you a male or a female but what you feel is the true truth????" They are a demonized and confused people. They must be stopped for the sake of the nation.
....... By these antiGod antiBible people, the wisdom they live by that replaced the bibles moral light has made the new law that says and imposes that Men with men trying to make babies together is now made by their corrupt legislation against Gods Word, they say it is the new family unit of America and we are glad. NO were are not glad. 98% of America says, We Are Sad. But its not the majority that rules anymore but the smallest minority are given the power and they are bullies. Immoral money is huge in America buying up all kinds of politicians and votes against SALT and God in society. For heavy amounts of mammon they have forfeited their souls. A saltless and defenseless disarmed nation is the devils delight..
......WE NEED TRUMP and his strong determination to save our nation. No he is by no means a preacher, nor a bible thumper and we all know that. That is not his gift. That is where we can help him and pray for him. But at least he has the sense and courage to see the wrong, the danger and say enough is enough of all this pepper. We need some real SALT back in our society. This Tolerance Card is endangering and ruining our country. In this I believe we can all agree....deno.....share freely.