Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Samson & Delilah.....A lesson about preserving THE ANOINTING......deno....share freely.

Samson & Delilah.
       We must learn that the devil uses people. He will use Peter against Jesus. He will use You and Me against one another, and he will use anybody who yields to his will knowingly or not knowingly.
       With Delilah, the devil was using her in the flesh pleasures to get the anointing removed or quench its power from Samson (Gods Man of that hour). She eventually got to Samson and caused Samson to (for Awhile) quench that anointing and much damage was done to Samson who was now operating in the flesh and not by the Power of the Spirit of the Lord.
      Even though Samson lost that anointing's power, God still allowed Samson to (IN TIME) regain that Strength and Power to finish the work God called him to do. But it was regained at a heavy cost.
      Let us all learn from our past mistakes. We have all made them and let us begin afresh to be not unequally yoked with the wrong people. For without Gods Spirit and Power we can do nothing.....deno......share freely.