Tuesday, June 14, 2016

To Islam I Write These Words In Gods Love.....Lord Open Their Eyes.......deno.....share freely..

Today I posted some words about Islam from the Koran that got a huge response in the group that I posted it in...Muslims, Christians all began to reply their replies... With all that attention to that post given I felt led to write these words and post them as a reply to all the post down line. These are those words.
...........To the beautiful people of Islam, the seekers of divine truth, and to the world I pen these words.
...........In the revelations given us in the Bible we find that there was hatred and enmity against and between God and man before Christ came into our world to bear his incredible divine witness to THE TRUTH.. Adams far reaching in consequence sin and transgression had brought great friction between God and man upon us all and his sin consequence covered every race of Adams seed. None of us were left unmarred. We all, yes all of us were in the same boat of Adams curse and separation from God.
............In that friction and in that separated state between God and man, men of all the races of man, in their spiritual blindness fought against God in their behavior because of their own personal thoughts, fantasies, and ideas about what or who was the true God, and also men fought against men because THE REAL TRUTH OF GOD was about to be re-established in the earth thru men, men such as Abraham unto Moses unto the coming of Jesus the Christ the Son of God who was himself the Lord from heaven.
............All the world had been cleverly deceived by Satan about divine things and about who God really was until God in his divine mercy began to re-intervene into the affairs of men thru the avenue of the covenants. The friction on earth between what was divine truth and what was not was fierce and was reaching a boiling point upon the earth much like it is today.
.........After many years that the Abrahamic covenant had been established on the earth to re-introduce the One True God in the midst of hundreds of made up gods and idols and beliefs, it was revealed by God himself more clearly the enmity, the separation, and the friction between God and man. God told Moses and the prophets that no soul could enter behind the Veil of the holy of holies where He resided in that temple in Jerusalem except one man, a certain selected by God priest who only once a year was allowed to enter behind the veil into Gods presence. But we also learned that that selected priest could not enter into the presence of God thru the confidence of his own goodness, nor thru confidence in his own righteousness. God said that selected man MUST ENTER WITH THE BLOOD OF AN ANIMAL. HE COULD BY NO MEANS ENTER without the atoning blood of a lamb or he would perish as he entered. Atoning Blood was that important. As it is written, Only by blood is sin removed. Not all blood atones. Only atoning blood and that blood has always been selected and ordained only by Gods choice and not by sinful man.
.......This strict demand of entering only with atoning blood revealed that the way of Peace with God for all men was not or had not yet been achieved. But Christ, (the mystery Lamb of God that all those hundreds of thousands of other atoning sacrifices represented in a mystery), Christ that they represented, his sacrifice was soon to come and he would come in a body prepared for him of sinless blood to be poured out on a cross to atone FOREVER for the sin of even all the world..After His Great Sacrifice no other sacrifice would ever have to be made. The Son of God tasting death for every man was that exceedingly powerful in atoning redeeming power and glory. It was already written in the sacred holy promises of THE BOOK of the true Prophets of God...THE BIBLE...Isaiah 52, 53, 54, 55
............But in the proper time Jesus the promised Christ of the love and faithfulness of God did come, and the prophets and the angels declared that Jesus was sent to establish PEACE between God and man with the giving of his own precious pure sinless blood.. As those selected priest could by no means enter into the holiest of all behind that thick veil without the atoning blood of a lamb, even so no man can enter into heaven itself without the atoning blood of Gods Son Jesus Christ his covering. Without Christ atoning blood we are all naked and our sins and our shame is all exposed....That is the true wisdom of God in Christ and the power of His Atoning blood and sacrifice.
.........Jesus with all power, with all kinds of signs and miracles of healings and many other miracles, Jesus proved perfectly to Israel and to all the nations on earth that the Mighty True Hand of God was with him and upon him and he was declared to be the Son of God with the Divine Power by raising many from the dead including himself after those three days that followed his Cross.
.......... No man ever spoke like this man (Jesus) the many multitudes said. And others said of Jesus, His word is with Power, everything he says happens.
........ Jesus revealed to all the world that the true heart of God is love and peace..His doctrine, his wisdom, his words astounded the most intellectual people in Israel and on earth. He was the Son of God in the Spirit inside that flesh man body talking to men face to face looking thru eyes of human flesh. It was awesome what was really going on.
..........Then after three years of preaching His Good News to Israel for all the world in and by the Power of God, Christ in his love for His Father laid down his sinless life to bear in his body the punishment for all our sins and for our peace with God to be established. You and I, we all deserved to be punished for our crimes and sins even unto hell itself, but Jesus said to the Father, Father let them be laid on me instead so that they be spared, and so the love of Christ was done as planned and as he asked. The scriptures says that the Lord laid on Jesus the iniquity of us all. His punishment for our sins was far more than enough for us all to be saved, if we will only believe and cleave to Jesus with all our hearts love and faith.
...........When God did as Jesus asked and as love planned, that love of God peace offering by Christ blood, COVENANT PEACE with GOD was indeed achieved and that curtain, that veil that before represented separation, friction, and enmity between God and man was torn ascunder signifying to us all that now all men can come to God in Peace by Christ atoning Peace Offering of His Love filled Sacrifice.
.......... Now by faith in His Son Jesus Christ and His blood, by faith in his reconciling death, and thru faith in his justifying resurrection that speaks volumes of achieved good things to all, esp to all of us who are washed in the blood of Christ and His Peace Offering, we are saved from the wrath of God to come upon this world.
........ By the first mans sin wrath and enmity was placed between God and mankind and a separation was established, but then came Jesus the Christ, GODS SON OF GODS LOVE and with love in his heart and healing in his atoning blood and by the willingness of the second Adam Jesus Christ (who was an Adam type) God upended that wrath and enmity that was between God and mankind and God removed it all out of the way nailing it to cross of His Son Jesus Christ SO THAT ALL MEN COULD COME TO GOD IN PEACE UNTO SALVATION THRU FAITH IN HIS SON WHO LOVED US AND LAID DOWN HIS LIFE FOR US.
.........We are only saved by the laying down of life of the Body of Jesus Christ, no other self sacrifice of any other, not of ones self, or to themselves or to others has any saving or redeeming value. To think or to believe it does is a spit of the devil into the eyes of the Son of God and such is the devils delight..IT IS MURDER BY DECEPTION not a ticket to paradise.
.......ISLAM PEOPLE AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE AND AS GREATLY AS YOU ARE LOVED BY GOD, I PRAY THAT YOUR EYES WILL BE OPENED TO THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH THAT ARE IN THESE WORDS THAT YOU NOW HAVE READ...Peace be upon you I pray by Jesus Christ and thru the love light of all Gods true prophets........Amen....written by deno in Gods Love to Islam and to all the world.