Thursday, June 16, 2016

To The Nation of Islam THROW AWAY YOUR STONES....deno......share freely.

To The Nation of Islam THROW AWAY YOUR STONES.
        Thru Jesus Christ, Gods Full, Complete and True Light and Love Came Into The World.
        If you have not come to the revelation that God Is Love, then your religion is far behind the times and far behind the feet of Jesus the Christ, Gods Eternal Son that became flesh.
          If stoning and torturing and killing people for their sins is your religious eyesight then you have not arrived to Gods True Insight. Jesus in speaking to people who were religiously deceived he said, If what you think is light in you is really only darkness, how great then is that darkness.
         There is a religion today that the world is dealing with that thinks their word is light but as Jesus said, it is nothing more than darkness. If your religion wants to stone, kill, and torture sinners you have not caught up to the footsteps of God and His Grace on the earth. He has already come down from heaven and allowed himself as a man, to be the FOR ALL TIME SACRIFICE and PUNISHMENT to forgive and pardon people and to save them from their sins. Its all about Love and Mercy now since the MIGHTY PRICE of Gods own blood has been shed. Now we are all commanded by the true Spirit of God to throw away our stone, repent, believe in the good news of Jesus Christ and to love one another as Christ loved us.
        When the time came for sinless Jesus to be punished for the sin of the world, from that time forward, God BY HIS SON commanded the putting away of the stone. Now In Christ Jesus we have redemption thru Christ blood, even the full forgiveness of our sins.
        When the true light of the Son of God dawns within you, within your heart and is shinning brightly, you too will THROW AWAY THE STONE and start to love and have compassion upon people instead of wanting to kill them and torture them for their wrongs. Gods love will be birthed inside your heart and revealed to your mind as you recognize what GREAT COMPASSION the LORD had on you, seeing that it was He himself that loved you and died for your sins. By Gods True Light you will see and more understand that He (Immanuel-Jesus) was punished for your sins so that you would not have to be, and you will see that in His rising again from the dead, Christ rose again to assure you of your real and everlasting hope by grace thru faith that worketh by love...He Loves You.....His Love is what all our hearts need and crave.......THROW AWAY YOUR STONES.......deno.....share freely.