Monday, June 6, 2016

Jesus Himself On Border Control.....From His Own Words......deno......share freely

.......JESUS HIMSELF ON BORDER CONTROL...FROM HIS OWN WORDS....Matthew 22:1-14 & Revelations 21:10-27.
.......Heaven is a city. It has borders protected by walls and it has specific ENTRY POINTS...Those Entry Points are guarded and protected. No one enters into heaven illegally. You have to enter into that country above thru the provided door....Jesus believes in Border Control....Jesus is a Patriot For Heaven Who Loves His Paradise Society and Country..We should pattern our country after His Image.
.......In the given text that you will find in those scriptures given above, an invitation from heaven goes out to many people all over the world. People respond from all over the earth. Then after awhile the King which is Jesus, comes in to see the invited guest who have entered into his paradise place. He sees people with the wedding garments on all over the place. He himself provided those wedding garments and he had them located at the legal ENTRY POINT to put on those who were invited to show they came in legally thru the provided entry doors and legal points.
........ But as Jesus is looking around at all those people with those wedding garments on, he sees a man in the great assembly place with no wedding garment on or you could say without a green card. Jesus goes up to the man with his servants and says to him. Sir how did you GET IN HERE?....The man knew that he sneaked in thru an illegal way and replied nothing...Jesus told his servants. Take this man into custody and cast him out. He entered in ILLEGALLY.

.......This is a bible lesson, it is a lesson of biblical truth about legal entry into heaven and it also reveals to us that Jesus is Pro Heaven, Pro Country Above, and Pro Border Control with Legal Entry Points and those entry points are guarded and the Law of Entry ENFORCED. Jesus himself shows us HIS OWN REACTION TO THOSE WHO DO NOT RESPECT HIS LAWS OF ENTRY and how He does not tolerate ILLEGAL ENTRY....That my friends is proper governing and Strong Leadership taught us BY THE KING OF KINGS HIMSELF from the Word of God itself.
........Only one, just one running for the presidency is acting anf thinking like Jesus on this matter. (Trump). The others are deceived into lawless behavior approval on this most important national safety issue. They have this delusion of a utopia society of WE ARE THE WORLD so lets remove all borders and lets all come together in a One Word Order  and just love one another and get along.
.......That all sounds good on the surface, but given a more deeper realistic view, its only utopia dwells in the human imagination of delusional thought because the present man and this present world IS EVIL, full of hate and religious exaltation's of the one over the other that will never change and there are people and there is a religion in this world that is of Cain and of Ishmael who bitterly despise and hate the seed of Abel and of Issac and of Christ. These will not get along until all the enemies of Jesus Christ are place under his feet (Hebrews 1:13). To try to be ONE WORLD  WHEN THE HEART OF THE WORLD is a heart full of hate, enormous prejudices, and evil inward formations is the path of a fool deceived in thought. Just look at what the Islamic immigration is doing in England and in Europe. Cain hates Abel still....Read Matthew 22:1-14 and Rev 21:10-27..
.......Borderless Societies in this present evil world is crazy and satanic. It gives place to the unlawful who do not respect our laws and it gives place to the unruly ones and enemies. Those who do not believe borders are right and necessary in this present high tech chemical and nuclear weaponry evil age are deceived by wolves hungry for sheep....Heaven is Gods paradise and God guards His place with defending WISDOM and with walls and guarded entry points and those Laws Established for legal Entry are ENFORCED without compromise. And yet men think themselves to be wiser than their Maker.
.......Enemies to our Constitution in Washington will be enemies (our enemies) at our borders to let in anybody...If they really do not defend and uphold our Constitution, they will be lawless at defending and upholding our laws of entry into our nation and they will stand against border control thinking such has no danger with it. They are deceived, and enemies by them REJOICE AT THE OPPORTUNITY STUPIDITY HAS GIVEN THEM.