Friday, June 10, 2016

Its Come Time For Truth and Honesty To Have Its Own Day In Court In Washington...The powers that be are subject to the Authority of the Throne of God.....deno......share freely.

Trump Family, Party and All of You who bleed Red, White, and Blue For America Please Read and Share. I pray this light will brighten your day....deno.
.......Trump Party and Fans, remember this. In any battle going on inside an arena, when two opponents are mixing blows, one for awhile seems to be getting the other better, then the next thing you know the tide hast turned and the other boxer seems to have the upper hand. Back and forth it goes. So it is in political battles. So it is in RIGGED PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING MATCHES AND RIGGED ELECTIONS. There has to be the show, THE PUT ON to make the people buy in.
........But folks right now in this present political match we have on one side she that is 100 % all part of the rigged system wrestling against he that is coming from the heart, from real love of country, from real American Patriotism and is All RAW AND REAL.
........Trump is not of the rigged system. He is like you and I coming from the midst of WE THE PEOPLE who has seen the evil and the tyranny and the corruption of our government who has been selling us out, and he has dared to INTRUDE OR TO ENTER INTO THE POLITICAL RIGGED SYSTEM. A move like that takes guts and real American Bravery of the which we have not seen from the heart in many decades in our nations political pretenders.
......... All politicians of the last several decades have all come from within the rigged system to put on the SHOW, the put on of good cop verses bad cop style political competition of Left vs Right to deceive and to manipulate the American people to think real democracy still runs America. Either side takes the throne, they get voted in but nothing really changes for the better of America and the American people, but for the American Worse. 
..........We elect those or these pretenders and every time America BY THEIR POLITICS AND LEGISLATION gets more and more Un-American, Less Free, more Communistic, and Less Patriotic and our religious rights and freedoms more compromised and threatened....HELLO. 
.......... But now THEY HAVE A MAJOR
PROBLEM....TRUMP AN ALL AMERICA WHO BLEEDS RED, WHITE, AND BLUE SHOWS UP ALREADY RICH AND WEALTHY WHO CANNOT BE TURNED BY BRIBERY. TRUMP CAME FROM THE OUTSIDE IN. He is our ALL AMERICAN ROCKY COME TO ENTER THE RING TO FIGHT TO SAVE AND TO BLESS OUR COUNTRY. He entered the arena not as a politician but as AN AUTHENTIC PATRIOT WHO REALLY LOVES AMERICA and REALLY WANTS TO DO OUR NATION REAL PRO AMERICAN GOOD.. This great honor is due him only of them all. This is why, those lying misleading manipulating political pretenders who are like wolves in sheeps clothing from both sides of the isle are fighting against him. He has invaded their corrupt system and threatens the dishonesty and bribery and corruption by which they protect each others Left or Right political power, control and turf. It is evil, very evil what is going on in Washington on both sides of the isle.
........ Right now, for a brief moment, thru media and other attacks against Trump it seems he is taking his licks. Well he is. That is normal. No one is ever 100 % loved in elections and politics. NO ONE...But soon the tide is going to turn massively again into Trumps Favor and Trump will be overpowering them all once again. 
........For in American it has come the time for truth and honor and honesty to have its own day in court for its own justice in the American political arena in Washington who has sold God and this nation out thru multi faced betrayals. ........God has opened up the eyes of the American People and His AX is laid at the foot of the corrupt evil trees in power in Washington and in power all over this nation. Their corruption to God is worse than Sodom in the days of old. God will curse those who uphold and still try to protect the corruption and He will bless those who repent and uphold what is honorable, honest, upright, truth and right.
..........All these people who are in the game who are weighing the issues of corruption to either again turn their head away from the evil and political corruption as to let lies, bribery, and deceit, and blood money prevail, God shall take on each one of them, He shall take them on personally in this life for the rest of their life on earth and their judgement shall be extended into all their eternity. They have really angered Jehovah for their wicked politics and demonic ways. You should see things from His high above all point of view going on by these corrupt people. Nothing has been hidden or escaped His Eyes. Judas He names them all and let them all remember the place Judas ended up. But if they will repent and let honor and honesty and truth have its own day in the courts of its own deserved justice and prevailing victory, God can spare them. But if not, then they shall spend an eternity in a many of hells regrets. It has come to that level of seriousness for corrupt politicians and judges who hide the truth in cover-ups and in unrighteousness and each of them know their part in the corruption and in the corrupt system. What does it profit any person, male or female to gain the whole world but lose their soul to damnation..
.......Don't let the delusion of voodoo politics from the corrupt politicians and system fool you or get you down. We THE TRUMP FAMILY AND PARTY all are still here. He has lost nothing of his record breaking base. They will use their media voodoo to make us think the nation is turning against Trump. Its all a flash and show magic trick of delusion, but it will not last long. Trump will be beating their political brains in soon with truth verses Hillary's true record of dishonesty, doublemindness, lies, coverups, scandals, and with her back and forth on the issues. For great is the Lord who commands truth and honesty to now prevail over all the corruption, blood money and lies and coverups of those who are evil and corrupt. Who always politically smile at us all, but they do so already having 30 pieces of silver in their pockets..
......So for right now, the evil political corrupt trees in power they are pounding on Trump hard, knowing a storm, a major pouncing on Hillary and them is just ahead. Yes it comes by men, but sent from God who demands righteousness over the corruption or else He sends upon each of them His own personal judgments for them in this life and into their eternity for their love of wrong over what is right....The knock out punch comes from Trump to Hillary and from TRUTH finally winning over lies and coverups and not the other way around....Blood from the past is screaming to He that is Above.....share.