Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Children, Jesus said....Come and Dine.....deno.....share freely.

      How in the world could we exchange a beautiful walk and fellowship with ALMIGHTY GOD who in His beauty and glory created all the creation for any other walk or seeking or pleasure in this world?....We must be crazy, short sighted, deceived, shallow in understanding, or our hearts are made of a fools substance...Whats wrong with us folks? How could any of us change out what God is offering to us all for the taste of pancakes.....?
       And the devil took them and showed them all the kingdoms of this world and all these careers, entertainments, all its glory, pleasures, and splendor and applause and whispered to their minds saying....All this will I give you..If you...If you...If will do as I desire and my desire is this for you...Do What You Will and not what God wants.
       Somehow we all need to break-thru this downward spiral of faith and insight and begin to see the real worth of the Pearl of incredible value. WHO WANTS TO REALLY KNOW AND WALK WITH GOD, the LIVING ALMIGHTY GOD?????
       What we love and what we are interested in and what we really cherish in our heart is where we are found and is where we all spend our time.
       Israel of old exchanged out the Living God that showed them his love in signs and in great wonders of deliverance for a golden calf. They changed God out so often for idols that they dreamed up and carved out of their own minds misled imaginations. The scriptures says that the heavens were in shock and in stunning awe about this. Are we doing a similar thing today friends?
       Where is our heart today? Chasing rabbits? Chasing kicks? or Chasing after the heart of He That Is Called Wonderful, the Prince of Peace, The Everlasting Father, The mighty Counselor. Almighty God, Perfect Love, The Beauty and The Glory of Israel ?
        God wants our love and attention and fellowship so badly. HE CRAVES US and our attention and yet we burp Him a prayer now and then when we think about it or gasp one out right before we fall asleep at the end of the day. We give Him our crumbs, our leftovers, our scraps, our spot, wrinkled and blemished offerings, our rusted tin instead of the pure gold and the BEST of our hearts, time, and lives that GOD SO DESERVES....GOD HELP US OVERCOME OUR MADNESS.
        How much is the Lord in our DAILY CONVERSATION? How much is the Lord in our minute to minute thoughts? Or do we look at God as someone we can USE in hope to get to and consume up this world instead of us denying ourselves and taking up our Cross daily being dead to this worlds course so that we can love and fellowship and serve the LIVING GOD AND RISEN CHRIST.?
........In our scripture pic, Jesus told them, Children Come and Dine...Do you know they could have said no? Did you know they could have refused the invite? Had they refused, they would have missed out on all the good that the Lord himself HAD ALREADY PREPARED for them and FOR THEIR LIFE. (Hello). The Joy and the walk with God and Jesus Christ that the Lord went to the Cross to give us is just to WONDERFUL to exchange out for this worlds pancakes. (Go and read John 17:13)......deno.....share freely.