Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wonderful Is Our Lords Name....Everything about Jesus is WONDERFUL....Lord Open Our Eyes.....deno.....share freely.

......And Isaiah the prophet of God writing by the Holy Ghost about Jesus said...And His Name shall be called WONDERFUL....
.......Friends God is to be known. On the cross he poured himself out thru the purifying blood for His Spirit to be received within the hearts of men by faith. By His own blood He cleanses us for HIS GREAT ENTRANCE.
.......Believe me, there is PLENTY of the Spirit of God to fill all of us up to overflowing forever and plenty forever leftover and then some. Gods length, and breadth, and depths, and heights are immeasurable. He is from Everlasting to Everlasting. Always has been and ever shall be with nothing of Himself ever diminishing. Not even one single spiritual cell. He forever fills up all eternity with the presence of His Eternal Spirit. We are just a tiny speck on a planet of His Eternal Spirits glory that fills all creation, all time and space, and all past, present, and all futures. Truly there is more than enough of God to go around and enter all who receive Him.
........Jesus said to the disciples in Johns gospel concerning Gods Spirits Entrance and of the Holy Spirit of God, he said, The Holy Spirit is with you, (and such a covenant position is good), but better than that covenant position Jesus said, HE SHALL BE IN YOU. (Such is much more BENEFICIAL).
........Church, in us, INSIDE US who have receive Christ within, He that is called WONDERFUL resides. Everything about he that is within us is no less than WONDERFUL, EXCEEDING GREAT and GLORIOUS.
.........If we think little of Jesus it is because we are thinking with enemy placed blinders on, blinders used by the RULER of the darkness and blindness of this world to keep us in the dark of how WONDERFUL and GLORIOUS and LOVING Jesus really is. Look at His creation. It reveals much of the Lords incredible understanding, of his glorious power, and AWING WONDER...He shall be called WONDERFUL for so WONDERFUL Jesus in His Glory really is.
.........Let us ask God to OPEN OUR EYES to more and more of the beauty and glory and WONDERFULNESS of Jesus who lives within us, and to cause us to walk in the light of that further given understanding with Love, Joy, Strength, and Power from on HIGH so that our rejoicing in the Lord with JOY increases and so that the Name of the Lord be GLORIFIED.....Amen.....deno....share freely.