Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fill My Cup Lord.....deno.....share freely.

......Remember Lord, only you are my hope. You are my life and my salvation. Without you I dry up on the vine. Without your light I walk as if blind. Without you I cry seeing no living water in my cup. Like a dry garden my soul is thirsting for you, for your rain, your latter rain. My soul thirst for you and my prayers haves ascended, and yet I have reason to hope greatly and to be expectant. For when my mind and body and soul shouts at me that they are to famished to hope and to press on, right then, so many times, you revived me and restored again my soul and my spirit did rejoice in God my Savior.
........You take me to the Red Sea trials so that my hope points only to you, for without you I can do nothing. You deliver me. When all my hope in my strength is gone, right then I have seen You show up again and again. My deliverance is the Lord. My breath, my thoughts, my life is Jesus the Lord of glory who is also our Messiah and Christ, the giver of the waters of life.
.......Revive me again soon Lord. According to the covenant of great promises soon restore my soul. You have pardoned me and you have forgiven me but as a father you chasten me with your whip that I would learn to say no and to not agree with my iniquity as if sin has no consequence. Obedience makes sweet the fruit, but a rebellious heart has much history in the land of Israel and of the gentiles, where even the chosen that rebelled were forced by their sin to trod. Away with all this dry. Come Lord and pour your refreshing waters upon us and make us so green, so fruitful and deliciously sweet to you in Christ.
........Fill my cup Lord, I  lift it up Lord. Come and quench all this thirsting in my soul. Bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more. Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole....deno....share freely.