Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dog Paddling to Save Yourself and Backsliding from Grace is draining your joy in the Lord.....share freely.....deno.

Psalm 4:7...New Living Translation (NLT)
7 You have given me greater joy
than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine.
.......There pours out from the throne of Christ and His light a river of joy that exceeds all gladness known to the world. Christ said there exist food the world knows not of and there is a joy that the world knows not of. 
.......The path to that river of greater gladness and joy of heart and soul FEW FIND. Some do find it and their days are filled with lightness and brightness and soul rich rejoicings. Others have found it but the souls enemy comes to talk or preach it out of them or persecute it out of them. Some survive the doctrinal back talk against grace and some survive the blows of that persecution and maintain the joy from on high. Others for this reason or that weather not the back talk or the storm raged against their peace and the joy becomes QUENCHED and their excitement in the Lord dulls down. They someway lose their rest in the Lord.
.......Usually or lets say quite often its by the subtle re entrance of doctrines that salvation is by works of self and legalism and of the old wine (THE LAW) and not by grace thru Christ that their JOY begins to be drained. They become loaded down again in the soul and in their thinking with religious weights and bundles that grieves Grace as they try to (WITH WORKS and religious dog paddling) save themselves and stay risen with Christ, when already with Christ by the grace and gift of God they are saved and they have already been risen with Christ as these scriptures reveal. (Colossians 3:1-4 & John 5:24 & Ephesians 2:1-10).
.......Grace backsliding and Religious dog paddling is miserable work. It torments peace and crushes joy. No rest to the soul have those who are trying to dog paddle their way to heaven by their own works and not leaning all on Christ and him crucified. They are living in doubt and in doubt there is no BLESSED ASSURANCE.
.......But such thinking and religious dog paddling Paul said wears us out and makes you fall from the risen with Christ by grace heights, joy, and peace. Somehow, that which is SALVATION by grace thru faith and the FREE GIFT OF GOD is deceived out of your thinking and you try to earn with your works what was already paid for in full and freely given to you by the receiving of faith. In your thinking Grace is no more Grace and Satan turns you into a religious fear filled doubting slave again as you try to earn with YOUR OWN SWEAT what was freely given you thru GODS OWN BLOOD.
........Friends Christ is not double minded about the free gift. He knows the great and incomparable price he paid to save you and give us that salvation as a precious gift and he was there when that gift was paid for IN FULL and FULLY PURCHASED.
........Until your heart sees that the gift of salvation has been paid for in full and the purchase transaction already fully completed, you have not found the REST AREA that God has called us into in Christ. The joy unspeakable and full of glory Peter wrote about is still waiting for you to discover it. You will not ever discover it in this life as long as you are trying to save yourself by religious dog paddling, nor will you taste it if in you you are backsliding from grace and from the knowledge that God has already paid for the gift IN FULL thru the blood of His Own Cross..
........King David from time to time, in his heart he found that blessed path of the greater joy found in our text and he wrote of its reward to the soul to those few that find it and experience its spiritual joy delicious taste. A joy he said that exceeds the gladness of those who make great profits and that is greater than the merriness of those who are high on this worlds best wines or weeds.
........David did not find that path to the greater joys of the presence of the Lord because he was king, but because his heart became hungry for the things of God and for the presence of God. As he wrote in his findings, he wrote, In Gods presence is fulness of Joy and at his right hand (which is to us a place of near my heart to thee communion and fellowship with God where Christ everyday resides) are satisfying pleasure forevermore.
........So like the truth and the old song says...Seek God with all your heart and you will find and we in Christ must trust and obey the Lord. We must trust and obey for there is no other way to be really happy in Jesus but to trust and obey..SEEK GOD, SEEK HIM WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART and DISCOVER THE REWARDS THE LORD PROMISED THOSE THAT DO.The Joy of His Presence, The joy of God drawing closer to you as you with your heart in the REST OF FAITH draw nigh to Him......deno.
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