Friday, January 13, 2017

The John the Baptist Anointing.....deno....share freely.

.......John the baptist was filled with the Holy Ghost from the womb. He was in spiritual language Elijah, which means in part WITH POWER, THE FORERUNNER of Christ to prepare the people for the coming of the Lord or the day of their visitation.
.......Though John was filled with the Holy Ghost from the womb, Johns power anointing was not demonstrated in miracles of healing, or signs and wonders. The bible says that John did no miracle. His anointing power produced a personal sanctification, a setting apart of ones self for the Masters use that is seldom seen in this life in such a measure. Johns mind was being talked to by the Lord from the womb. He was being conformed by God for a strict separation from the world. A separation wherein he would hear the voice of God and cry out what he heard to Israel to make clear the way of the Lord..
........The power anointing that causes repentance and causes the bringing forth of the fruits of repentance and that changes the heart and lives unto godliness is a far greater anointing than the one that heals and performs miracles. Many people were healed by Jesus and they had bodily changes that were good and comforting but many of those same ones he healed had no lasting change of heart and some of them were known to even join the movement and the shout of the Crucify him, Crucify him crowd.
.......In this evil and wicked generation we so desperately need the John the baptist sanctifying anointing effect that sanctifies and sets us apart for the Masters use. We need this because,of our generations massive immorality.
.......John in the power of his anointing did no miracle, but he did BY THAT POWER listen to God and preached powerfully and he lived a separated sanctified life unto God and that life CAUSED MANY TO REALLY REPENT and to come to Christ..Billy Graham i believe has the John the baptist anointing.
.......Jesus said, many will come to me in that day and say, Lord did we not cast out devils in your name ? Foretell future events in your name. Did we not do miracles and healing's and many mighty works in your name?. Then Jesus said I will profess to them. I never knew you, Depart from me, you who lived immorally, you that practiced iniquity. So in this light let us take to the heart this important truth. Miracles and healing's are great and have their place in the New Covenant and they are surely a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Anointing. But if we are not being changed and transformed, if we are not living a life of the fruits of repentance unto godliness, we are being misled by the miraculous.
......God alone heals, but the choice to live a repentant life and holy unto God is in our own power. It is our choice. In the judgement it is holiness and righteousness that is being judged in main degree. Even the thoughts and intents of the heart and its secrets shall be brought to light if not under Christ blood Thank God for Christ blood...God help all of us to change and to bring forth the fruits of Johns sanctified life unto God.....deno...share freely.
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