Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Precious word called WHOSOEVER..It was chosen by the Master as his word for the invite.......deno....share freely.

.......Jesus said...WHOSOEVER WILL...WHOSOEVER WILLS TO...LET HIM COME and DRINK FROM THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD which is the Waters of Life and do so freely, without charge and without cost. WITHOUT GUILT and WITHOUT SHAME, that is what Jesus meant when he used the word FREELY. Some people do not want to be around certain people because they owe them money or this or that, or they owe them a favor so they avoid them. But Christ said to us all COME FREELY WHOSOEVER YOU ARE, your debt is paid in full. CHRIST PAID IT ALL OFF with the price of His own precious blood. Because of this truth God invites WHOSOEVER to come freely to him thru Christ.
.......People all over the church wrestle with that word WHOSOEVER and some try to carve away at it as to lesson its reaching lengths. But personally speaking I love that word. Every day and in every way that I toss or turn that word, or pull or press against that word, when I'm done it still means the same today as it did yesterday, even as it did 2000 years ago.
.......WHOSOEVER is a word masterfully chosen by the Master with the soul purpose to try to get the juices of faith stirred up in every heart to Come to Christ NO MATTER WHERE THAT HEART IS OR HAS BEEN. It is a word from grace so that it might be by faith.It is a word that says come BOLDLY to the throne of grace because God so loves the world..
.......WHOSOEVER qualifies all, invites all, comforts all.
.......How I thank God Jesus said, WHOSOEVER and not just the perfect ones only....Everyday I grip that Whosoever Word with my faith and I press on in to gain more of this incredible God and Savior that our dad preached to us about thru all the years, and to see more into his marvellous light and love for us, and to find more of his peace and goodwill to man. For I know that the word WHOSOEVER came from love so great it surpasses natural human realms of understanding.
.......One day years ago I saw from the light in the scriptures something about Jesus that i had not seen before. Everyone that he talked to was a WHOSOEVER. In the piling list of those WHOSOEVER'S we find them ranging from liars to prostitutes, from thieves to cons, from murderers to the demon possessed, to the Satan oppressed and afflicted and none did he ever refuse who humbled themselves and knew they were sinners in need of mercy, who exercised their faith in the Lords love and mercy.. It was the holier than thou ones that was his often friction and that brought forth his rebukes and fire. But all that had the be merciful to me a sinner attitude Jesus embraced. How so many preach messages opposing this love and mercy gospel truth today. Its good news was never meant to be upended or removed from the hopes of the hearts of men, who see themselves in so great need of Christ..
.......My eyes opened and i began to see how this perfect, pure, un-defiled, sinless and i do mean sinless Son of God who was filled with the Holy Spirit of God without measure, I saw him hugging, embracing, and laying His pure hands on us sinful folks in the bible, even washing our soiled feet, and such close contact with God and such a holy touch from Him did not defile him or cause him unrest or grief, nor any disturbance as to be sick of our un-cleanness and sinfulness that he knew was in us all. It is when people lose sight of His love and of their need of His mercy and think to say that we are full and have no need of nothing that get themselves in stirred up hot water with Christ and the mercies of God. The Cross of Christ removes men's pointing of the finger, self righteousness exaltation, the holier than thou mindset, and the I am self sufficient for all things attitude and I have no need of nothing craziness. WE ALL...EVEN EVERYONE OF US EVERYDAY NEED JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED AND RISEN FROM THE DEAD BEATING IN OUR HEART..That is the heartbeat of every souls eternal life.
......That sight of His heart hugging sinful people in the bible, caused me to see something so dear and so special about the Lord and about the Love that God is and has for people like us who are in righteousness as filthy rags compared to Gods holy, sinless, without spot wrinkle or blemish sinless purity. So when I saw the word WHOSOEVER and that was the word He used to invite us, my heart leaped with a joy from excitement that WHOSOEVER EVEN MEANS A MAN LIKE ME...I wept and still do thanking God that he selected the word Whosoever in the great invitation He gave all and that invitation is renewed and the same day unto day........deno....share freely.

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