Friday, December 13, 2013


     All creatures that exist come from a planted seed. No way around this. All creation itself came forth and was Born because the SOWER SOWED THE WORD OF HIS ETERNAL MIGHT & POWER when the Eternal Spirit moved over the face of  the deep which was His garden for the fruit of the Universe. Everything that the Mighty Creating Spirit of God creates, from His Creation to His Creatures, all separately and sometimes things together (Depending on the Word Mix Release) are all born from God's Word. The bible reveals to us that Gods Word, His Word is with His Power.
      Seeing from the scriptures that all things God creates or gives birth to, all come forth from God's Words, it is then only fitting that we realized that all of us who are Born Again, Born of God in our spirit, the inward man, in the hidden man of the heart, in the HEAVENLY MAN, are New Creatures Born of  "A Word" of the Lord. A seed of His Eternal Glory and Power. This seed Peter said is the gospel of Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 1:23) Being Born Again, not by corruptible SEED (Perishable Seed), but by incorruptible SEED (non perishable seed), BY THE WORD OF GOD THE LIVES, LOVES, AND REMAINS FOREVER.
     Do you know not everything made from a Word of God will live forever? For instance, all the present Heaven and Earth that God made from the words Let There Be Light, shall one day pass away melting in the fervent heat of our incredible God and Father as He erases the FIRST WORDS THAT MADE THE UNIVERSE (The First Creation) to give space for the New Creation that He so promised us in Christ. Jesus said, Behold I Make All THINGS NEW. When the first Words pass away and all the stars and planets and the elements that those First Words made are dissolved, it is then ONCE AGAIN, that the Spirit of the Eternal God, our Heavenly Father, shall move upon the face & space of the deep, and we His Redeemed children shall watch our Lord, The Father, Son & Holy Ghost in UNITED POWER AND GLORY, release the awesomeness of their COMBINED GLORY, FORCES, POWERS & ETERNAL ENERGIES in a pre-conceived New Creation plan that they together in an intelligence of infinite wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that only Pure and Perfect Light can contain. This GREAT INTELLIGENT DESIGN that they treasure and hold within themselves (Even right now at this moment they know all the full details of the design and plan for the NEW CREATION) shall be fully RELEASED in another LET THERE BE LIGHT ACTION OF ALMIGHTY GOD. It is at that moment we that made it to heaven thru the so great a salvation thru Christ precious redeeming blood shall see God in His Almighty Glory Strut His Creating Stuff. In those days and in those hours, there will  be no more confusion left in any of HOW THE UNIVERSE AND THE CREATION OF THE HEAVENS CAME INTO BEING.
      Yes friends, even now God fully knows all the plans and all the WORDS that He shall release to make the NEW CREATION TO COME INTO EXISTANCE. They will contain in THEM, IN THOSE WORDS HE SPEAKS, all the volumes of His intelligence and intelligent design for all the things that He makes NEW so that they never  perish or pass away again. Those NEW WORDS God uses in the NEW CREATION TO COME are by THE COVENANT SWEARINGS OF A MIGHTY GOD, incorruptible and non perishable......So Also Are The New Words God Spoke Out In Christ To Us In The Gospel By Which We Are Born Again By.

1 Peter 1:23) Being Born Again not by corruptible seed (PERISHABLE SEED) but by incorruptible seed, (NON-PERISHABLE SEED), BY THE WORD OF GOD THAT LIVES AND LAST FOREVER......vs 25)...this word we speak of is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.....Jesus said Heaven and Earth shall pass away, BUT MY WORDS, MY WORDS, MY WORDS, SHALL NEVER PERISH OR PASS AWAY...THIS  ALSO MEANS, that the heavenly part of us that is born of Gods incorruptible seed, non perishable seed, (CHRIST WORDS) shall live forever in CHRIST EVERLASTING LIFE IMAGE, LIKENESS AND GLORY.....
      The New Creation does not sustain itself but it is sustained and upheld by the Eternal Might of the Eternal Life that it is BORN OF. The promises of God in the NEW WORD that we are BORN OF IN CHRIST keep us alive and not we ourselves, it is the power and the gift of Christ. We in Christ, are born again in our spirit of a non perishable redemption seed. No other Creature has ever been redeemed or born again in the spirit. We are the first. This redemption seed is unique in all it's endless life, imperishable glory, and design. It is Christ Eternal Life and Eternal Might of Himself In Us Everlasting. He is The Eternal Word  that We Are (In The Spirit) Born Of and Like. The bible tells us God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and that the glory of the Life God poured into Jesus, (To fulfill the resurrection/redemption promises) those recovering/resurrection words shall never change, or decay, or grow old, nor perish (Hebrews 1:8-12). They shall keep the Son and HIS BODY THE CHURCH alive, healed and remaining forever the same  yesterday, today and forever. Jesus, the seed we are born of shall never perish. As long as we stay IN HIM so shall He remain IN US....

    So much more to say and to write on this, but this is enough for now. Words to ponder and think about....More to come.....deno....please share freely.