Thursday, December 26, 2013

To Serve and Inspire Others....YES YOU......deno

     You were born again in Christ Jesus into the Kingdom of God to serve and to inspire others each day with Gods amazing love, light, provisions and grace. YES start laying up for yourselves treasures in heaven for your eternity.....start sharing, start serving others, start bearing one anothers burdens, help the needy and the is in this life of unselfish love and giving done in Jesus Name, that we find the life within that our heart and souls are craving.....REAL SATISFACTION....

     When you enter into your eternity dwelling....Above or beneath you will be told these words...."Remember in your life time on earth you did this and you did that....good or bad, for gain or for loss these words we all will hear in one form or another.  Therefore lets all start freshly obeying God and serving one another and strangers. Remember the Word....We sometimes entertain angels who are as strangers to us for we do not know they are angels. Who knows, maybe that bum looking person was an angel....How did you treat him.....deno