Wednesday, December 11, 2013

THE MOST IMPORTANT WORDS OF ALL......deno.....please share freely

...and the Angel said to Cornelius in Acts 10:6, Acts 11:14....Cornelius, your charity and prayers have come up for a memorial before God. Send now for a man named Peter who when he has come shall TELL YOU WORDS BY WHICH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SHALL BE SAVED. It was BY THOSE WORDS he and his family would be saved if they believed them. Angels are not the ones God chose or anointed or ordained to share and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. God chose His sons and his daughters to proclaim the things Christ blood, death and resurrections speaks. It is our responsibility and calling. Those words are the words of eternal life. Christ words are the words of the so great a salvation. They are the most important WORDS of all on earth.  If those WORDS are removed from the earth, from society, from the lips of men by laws and legislation against them, whether those laws come from a Ceasar or a Congress full of betrayers and unbelievers, when those words are voted against and voted out, a darkness shall befall upon the world as never before since the beginning of man. Sin and wickedness shall have free course and abound in our societies until things get so bad the earth itself revolts against our presence on her floors......

    Keep on preaching the gospel. Christ words are the only words that real hope and salvation exist in. All other words are but dust and vanity, even wasted breath against the judgement ahead. Let us all remember what Jesus taught us about the wise man that built his house on the Word of God, on the words of the gospel. He built his life on the STRONG & TRUE  foundation. Jesus said, Heeding the other voices other than His ends in disaster when storms. pressures, and judgements fall.....deno.